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At VTEX, we are constantly evolving our platform to provide customers with a seamless and transparent experience across all channels. This is rarely a simple and straightforward procedure for the retailer as it adds new layers of complexity to order management, customer data usage, inventory levels, product information, fulfillment, and more. We are poised to embrace the challenge.

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"Our approved orders rate increased from 73% to 94% by migrating to VTEX."
Renato Rocha - Technos Head of Retail

Order Management System

The Order Management System module is responsible for managing and displaying your store’s orders. It provides a 360-degree view of customer purchase information across all channels, offering more comprehensive data to deliver personalized customer experiences. This makes it possible to see all orders, change their status, cancel, return items, provide tax receipt information and track shipments. It also groups together all emails sent to customers, while allowing you to assign tasks in each step of the process.

VTEX Logistics

The Logistics module  is responsible for controlling and monitoring the availability of the items in stock, as well as designing the delivery structure of orders in a way that meets the different needs of each store delivery system. Our module is flexible enough to allow a multitude of logistics strategies.


VTEX makes it easy to integrate inventory from the physical stores with the virtual channel. In addition to increasing the assortment of the store, we reduce operational and inventory costs.


The cases where the stock is entrusted to a third party, all related operations are accounted for, from warehouse to transportation. We have many full commerce partnerships.

Store Pickup

After buying through the app or website, the customer has the option to pick up the product in the nearest store. This may even provoke interest in additional in-store purchases.

Available in Store

Some virtual stores function as large catalogs so customers can begin their researching. Building materials stores are an example. The conversion rates are low at just 0.5%. On the other hand, they provide huge influence on offline sales.

VTEX InStore

VTEX InStore is a solution that revolutionizes the shopping experience in physical stores. Using a small and wireless device, your salespeople will be able to identify the customer right at the beginning of the sales process, and from there, offer an individualized service, according to their profile and purchase history in all channels, including your eCommerce.

The VTEX InStore application, developed by VTEX, is integrated with the online store using the same product catalog. Prices and payment terms can be customized for each store. Our goal is to ensure a clear, bespoke and contextual shopping experience, turning it into a delightful task.

Geolocation at Checkout

The geolocation function lets your customers manage their own searches for the required delivery address with an icon marking the exact location on a map. This function is especially useful in regions where the postal code system is not very accurate.

360º Management

Easily integrate your existing ERP, CRM, WMS, or TMS for real-time product availability, delivery options, and package tracking information within the customer’s console.

Freight Simulation

We give you the ability to test different scenarios for your product delivery based on which channel will be used (ecommerce or marketplace); items; quantity; value (if there is any additional cost due to the product’s nature, like chemicals, for example); and ZIP code (or address).

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