VTEX Commerce Platform for B2B & B2C Ecommerce Solution

Get smart about your digital commerce investments!

Modernize your stack and reduce maintenance costs with VTEX's Composable and Complete platform.

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Migrate off your legacy platform and connect your entire value chain

Move from legacy solutions quickly, scale efficiently, and reduce maintenance costs with a single platform for your entire B2C, B2B, marketplace, and omnichannel operations.

Digital Commerce

Migrate quickly from your legacy platform to an advanced B2C and B2B software with native integrations to your commerce stack.

  • Headless storefront accelerators and built-in CMS

  • AI-powered search engine

  • Advanced PIM, Pricing and Promotions

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

  • Native integration with multiple channels

  • B2B account management

  • Product configuration

  • Pricing and quoting

Marketplace & Seller Management

Expand your product assortment by selling items from third-party sellers or unite with channel partners, suppliers, and distributors in a one-stop-shop marketplace.

  • Easily invite and onboard new sellers

  • Receive and manage products and inventory from all your sellers at scale

  • Let sellers manage their own products, prices, and orders

  • Track and manage seller performance with our sales analytics and dashboards

  • Connect with 2,400+ VTEX sellers and explore new commerce possibilities

Order Management

Make inventory and fulfillment your strength by integrating your network of stores and sellers to a native marketplace and OMS solution.

  • View all your inventory in a single place

  • Manage orders from all channels

  • Offer omnichannel fulfillment options like BOPIS, ship from store, and endless aisle

  • Turn physical stores into distribution centers

  • Configure fulfillment rules based on delivery capacity, region, product category, and more

  • Integrate with backend systems like ERP, WMS, TMS, and more

Optimize and streamline your IT investments

Only decouple what is strategic for your growth. Unlock flexibility with composable solutions developed to expand your business possibilities.

Headless Storefront

Deploy your headless storefront faster

With VTEX's native headless storefront, you get all the performance and flexibility benefits of a headless approach without the time and costs of developing everything from scratch.

  • React-based store framework and components

  • Headless CMS

  • Cloud-based frontend infrastructure

  • Store performance management and optimization

Live Connections

Connect with your tech stack seamlessly

Reduce middleware dependency with our native live connections. Or freely build new ones with our APIs and extension points.

  • API-first platform

  • Built-in extension points

  • Native integrations and live connections to third-party services and apps

  • VTEX App Store

Composable Applications

Customize and compose the VTEX admin to your specific needs

Freely combine VTEX components with third-party and custom apps to create your own commerce admin. Scale it across teams and departments to simplify your operation and application management.

  • Apps Framework for custom integrations and admin apps

  • Customizable and composable admin

  • Infinite workspaces and testing environments

  • Data schema extension and modeling

  • Version management and application delivery

VTEX Infrastructure
Built to scale in a secure, reliable, and performant way
  • Multi-layer security with SOC Type 1, 2, and 3 compliance and PCI DSS certification

  • AWS cloud infrastructure with built-in redundancy and elastic scalability

  • Progressive roll-out and roll-back

  • Make sure your store is always ready for business. Handle peak events easily with multi-tenant and auto-scalable cloud infrastructure and rely on multi-layer security.

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    Gartner named VTEX a Visionary in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce report

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