Digital Commerce Platform for B2C

Elevate your digital commerce game.

Grow your business without risking it by rethinking how you collaborate with customers, suppliers and sales partners.

VTEX Marketplace


Create and launch web, mobile and in-store experiences in record time with our configurable store framework.

Drive incremental sales with a marketplace

Drive incremental sales with a marketplace

Expand assortment, reach new markets and attract new customers without the risk or inventory and supply chain costs of adding new products to your portfolio.

Make omnichannel<br>a reality

Make omnichannel
a reality

Give shoppers the omnichannel experiences they expect with global inventory visibility and flexible fulfillment.

VTEX is built for retail

Accelerate time-to-revenue. Now.

Launch 4X faster

Deliver digital commerce experiences in a fraction of the time with a fully integrated commerce, marketplace and OMS solution.

Remove the risk

Skip complex and time-consuming integrations with a single unified commerce-marketplace-oms solution designed from the ground up for omnichannel.

Deliver personalized promotions

Boost conversions with more than 5,000 different promotions delivered at precisely the right moment in the buyer’s journey.

Marketplace operations. Simplified.

Drive incremental revenue

Expand into new product categories, reach new markets and gain valuable customer insight with your own marketplace.

Sell on third-party marketplaces

Syndicate products and pricing to seamlessly sell on third-party marketplaces while maintaining command and control of your business.

Grow smart, risk less

Take advantage of a digital commerce platform with built-in marketplace and omnichannel capabilities to capture new sources of revenue without the overhead and risk.

Go omnichannel. Today.

Use one platform for all channels

Unify multichannel selling and gain real-time access to inventory, order and customer data for your entire business.

Leverage flexible fulfillment

Capture more sales by offering multiple fulfillment options on a single order: buy online pickup in-store, ship from store or scheduled delivery.

Add “Buy” button anywhere

Move beyond cookie-cutter websites to sell across any customer touchpoint or device, such as chatbots, Alexa skill, kiosks, and any other experience your customers desire.

A single platform for all your experiences

  • Web and mobile

  • Omnichannel

  • Customer service and clienteling

  • In-store POS

  • Endless Aisle

  • Marketplace

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