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Digital Commerce Guide for Grocery

Going digital: Taking grocery operations online

Managing an online store is outside the comfort zone for most supermarkets, not just digitally, but also from an order fulfilment perspective. Dealing with picking through the sheer amount of product assortment, handling of fresh produce and complex logistics requirements may seem daunting for retailers yet to undergo their digital commerce debut – but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right systems in place.

In this ebook, we will demystify the digital, infrastructural and operational requirements necessary for building a start-up ecommerce operation within a supermarket.

  • Creating an optimal shopping experience
  • Allowing for order changes and substitutions
  • Limiting delivery areas and peculiarities in handling for fresh and frozen produce
  • Offering customers flexible delivery and pickup options
  • Optimizing the picking and fulfilment processes
  • Providing access to customer care

We will also be discussing effective go-to-market strategies and technologies we’ve implemented for over 40 grocery chains around the world.

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