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VTEX’s Top 8 Hits of 2019: SoftBank, Barack Obama, Best Black Friday Ever, Massive Growth and More

Alexandre Soncini
19 Feb 2020
VTEX office in Rio de Janeiro.

2019 was a huge year of growth for VTEX and our customers. We worked hard to help new and existing clients accelerate their digital commerce transformation, and those efforts paid off with massive order growth for our US-based customers. VTEX also received a major new investment and got ready to open our new HQ in New York, where we’re looking to grow our team in the year ahead.

To celebrate these accomplishments and more from a banner year, we’ve put together a “playlist” of VTEX’s Top 8 Hits of 2019.

#1. In November, VTEX received a $140 million investment from SoftBank and other investors, news that made the pages of major news sites like TechCrunch, Reuters and Business Insider, among others.

Our goal now is to use this infusion of capital to deliver more for VTEX customers. We intend to invest more in R&D, respond to market demands faster, and evolve a more robust product for the future of commerce. That commitment to continuous innovation led to our next hit:


#2. We launched hundreds of new features for the VTEX Cloud Commerce Platform in 2019 to help our customers reach their unified commerce goals even faster. Here are some highlights:
  • We gave our customers more promotional scenarios, like subscription promos, price table per context capabilities, and recurrent promotions with definable days, hours and weeks when the promotion should be active.
  • We added subscription 2.0 capabilities to meet growing consumer demand. Now, VTEX customers can easily set up recurring transactions using tokenized card payments.
  • Our new CMS site editor with WYSIWYG capabilities lets VTEX customers make quick front-end changes, no developer involvement required.
  • We launched VTEX IO. It’s our new serverless, low-code environment that enables developers to build high-quality web apps fast, without having to worry about infrastructure and scalability concerns.
  •  To support developers working with VTEX IO, we released a new front-end store theme. It’s the baseline for creating any store using VTEX IO Web Framework, so retailers can make their digital transformation faster.
  • Because we serve global brands in 28 countries, we know that digital commerce is global commerce. So VTEX added multilanguage store capabilities for our customers in 2019, to help them reach the customers they want, wherever they are.
  •  Finally, because digital commerce evolution never stops, we gave our customers new native AB-testing tools so they can easily refine and improve their CX and conversions.

These top 2 hits would be a lot for any company in one year, but 2019 had more in store for VTEX and our customers:


#3. Our focus on innovating for our customers may be why for the third year in a row, VTEX made Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. Gartner evaluates vendors based on their vision and ability to see it through. Our repeat appearances in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner’s digital commerce matrix validate our approach to unified commerce transformation and our record for helping clients achieve it quickly.


#4. As part of our goal to help clients transform, we acquired UniteU, accelerating our US expansion. This allowed us to combine our front-end platform and core capabilities with UniteU’s Unified Commerce Data Hub so our customers can connect and aggregate data sources across their operations.

This level of data transparency strengthened our clients’ access to unified commerce capabilities like ship-from-store, ship to store, buy online and pick up in-store, and more.

2019 was about laying the groundwork to accelerate the unified commerce transition for our customers. It was also a year when we worked closely with new partners in a variety of industries to help them realize their full commerce potential. That’s what these next 3 hits are all about.


#5. We signed a global contract with Motorola to accelerate digital commerce transformation and help create a better online journey for its customers as they shop for Moto and Motorola smartphones. Our auto-scaling cloud infrastructure and unified commerce platform were among the factors that led Motorola to partner with us.


#6. We helped Al’s Sporting Goods transition to headless unified commerce in just five months. Al’s goals for the switch to VTEX were to increase sales, raise conversion rates and update its inventory faster.

VTEX helped Al’s reach all three goals with password-free SmartCheckout, tools to quickly update promotional content on Als.com and unified inventory data visibility. Which leads us to our next hit…


#7. Al’s and our other VTEX Cloud Commerce Platform customers had an amazing Black Friday 2019. Stores that adopted VTEX in 2019 saw Black Friday sales 53% higher than the year before. Altogether, our Cloud Commerce Platform users processed 1.03 million transactions. 

Longer-term VTEX customers also reaped the benefits of our dedication to fast evolution. Stores operating on the VTEX platform in both 2018 and 2019 saw a 41% growth in year-over-year sales on Black Friday—acceleration powered by our continuous innovation.

Our customers had other holiday success stories, too. For example, Al’s Sporting Goods, which implemented the VTEX Cloud Commerce Platform in August, had its best Cyber Monday ever, with a 96.6% increase in revenue compared to Cyber Monday 2018.


#8. Our customers’ sales growth wasn’t limited to holiday sales days. Overall, the number of orders our US customers transacted grew 1300% from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019.

Our partners are now focused on 2020, and so are we. We thank all our VTEX customers for a great 2019. And we’re working on new digital commerce transformation hits for our customers in 2020. Stay tuned!