VTEX Blog - VTEX Design In Action: The Evolution Of VTEX’s Smartcheckout™

VTEX Design In Action: The Evolution Of VTEX’s Smartcheckout™

Alexandre Soncini
21 Feb 2017

VTEX signature service, SmartCheckout™ did not always exist right alongside the platform. This additional facet was developed out of a need to enhance the offerings and performance for those running their online stores using the platform. It was born of the need to offer enhanced security during the flawed checkout procedure. It was created to enable customers and stores to have the smoothest transactions without unnecessary steps, which entangle the checkout process, which is often a detriment to conversion rates.

As a direct product of VTEX Design, SmartCheckout™ was created to provide better service, all around. Here is a look at this user-centered technology, how it came into existence, and how it has been a direct contributor to the success of the companies utilizing it.


In 2010, when crude forms of mobile e-commerce were beginning to emerge, the possibilities were all very much substandard, including VTEX’s offerings. Seeing the need to develop in this arena, as it was evident that in only a matter of time mobile commerce was going to be soaring, VTEX got to work developing a more efficient checkout process. We wanted to create a platform that was both user-friendly, and able to enhance conversion rates for stores running on it.

The Process

The design process involved in developing and releasing SmartCheckout™ was not simple on any level; it was in-depth, including many rounds of testing, perfecting, and fine-tuning. However, once SmartCheckout™ was released, our customers were experiencing a 40% uptick in conversion rates.

No Password?

That’s right; no password. This concept kind of threw a loop in the age-old concept of checkout security. We removed any need for excess (unnecessary) information and took a minimalistic approach that wasted less time, demanded less information without compromising any key aspects needed for security, reduced the concept to a single page, allowing the customer to get in, get on, and get out while getting what they want. This was not an easy feat, but it was accomplished through extensive amounts of trial and error, revision, and testing done by real people offering their invaluable opinions. Want to know more about how to increase online sales offering a seamless and secure checkout experience? Download the White Paper: “Password is Dead”.

Power in the Team

It was a team effort in every aspect, and it’s final perfected format was a result of countless hours of testing and redesigning. For every seamless, smooth, efficient feature, there were infinite amounts of tweaking to get there. The lessons learned resulted in an excellent development that has changed the face of digital commerce throughout a variety of global markets. This technology has been that big.

Interestingly, one of the main factors that came as a result of developing SmartCheckout™, was the invaluable teamwork that contributed to the dissolution of egos and preconceived notions. Creating such a program of unprecedented proportions was done through a dedication to testing, being open-minded, and sharing a willingness to overlook a difference of opinions while striving towards uncovering the possibilities. It was about continuously asking questions, because the value of having a strong team devoted to a strong process is a surefire path to success in developing ideas. And this factor really cannot go overlooked; a great amount of the success of this technology is due to having an exceptional team behind it, who worked relentlessly to see it through.

The Launch

Upon launching, after many different evolutions and trials, SmartCheckout™ was a success. The first few days were rocky – as expected, but the kinks were smoothed out quickly, and within days our first customers to implement the technology experienced spikes of 20% and higher in conversions. Because this technology emerged amongst a crowded market with nothing similar, it became an instant market reference. So excellent was this development, it took no time at all for others to start replicating the method, “inspired” by its effectiveness and efficiency.


Fast Forward to the present, in which VTEX’s True Cloud platform continues to thrive, and SmartCheckout™ continues to enable retailers to capitalize on exceptional conversion rates. The services are being used in a variety of markets worldwide, excelling the functions of cross-border commerce. It is a testament to our belief in going above and beyond the basic requirements, and always pursuing a greater objective when building digital products.