VTEX Blog - Kicking off 2017 with positive reflection; VTEX looks to the future

Kicking off 2017 with positive reflection; VTEX looks to the future

Alexandre Soncini
6 Jan 2017

2016 proved to be an exceptionally fruitful year for VTEX as a whole, with a range of different accomplishments achieved towards global expansion. We are immensely proud of this, and are happy to be starting 2017 off with these achievements firmly cementing our placement as one of the top contenders in the aim to unify global digital commerce. At the core of our company is an unwavering commitment to innovation, and a sincere dedication to creating and utilizing the most advanced technologies in order to better serve our customers. With this, we are looking forward to even greater advances in 2017.

2016, without a doubt, was fantastic for the VTEX company. In addition to further solidifying our presence throughout the world, we added several new offices in Miami, London, and Madrid. These strategic positions were done to further our reach into the North American and European markets, and each new endeavor was met with immediate success.

As a whole, VTEX has been growing at a consistent rate of 50% over the last several years, and this is a testament to our reach and the success rate our clientele has been achieving with our platform and additional innovations. We had over 100,000,000 sessions per month, with no need to utilize traffic defender tools, along with no pre-provisioning. This reinforced our fully transparent pricing model, which includes no hidden costs and is boosted by the true cloud commerce offer with a real on-demand infrastructure.

Among the many defining factors of who we are as a company is our commitment to changing with the times, as innovation is occurring daily. VTEX has proven to be an agile company, and it is our aim to remain in a state of constant evolution. We are a true multi-tenant solution with more than 70 microservices in production, and have had over 8,000 deploys last year, done to enhance our services without interruption, which demonstrates our position as a world-class tech company, capable of handling not just localized models, but global markets as well.

An additional accomplishment this year was improving our marketplace feature. It was designed to handle the many complex scenarios that arise in large-scale digital commerce operations, such as drop shipping, franchising, distribution, and servicing any variety of transaction that involves more than one party for seamless and fluid managing of sales. The omnichannel experience is a highly beneficial feature that will add further strength to companies using it, as it allows for greater convenience and conversions regarding consumers.

In conclusion, 2016 was an amazing year for VTEX globally and locally. We achieved a great many initiatives we set out on, and we look forward to the many bright horizons ahead of us for 2017. After solidifying our presence in the complex Latin American markets along with a variety of other emerging markets worldwide, and beginning our expansion into North America and Europe with our cloud-based platform, we are prepared to expand even further globally this year. Our mission includes greater offerings in regards to product innovation, security, and convenience, along with the usage of AI to enable our clients and their stores to operate more efficiently. As a solid, world-class company, we look forward to strengthening our reach further with our innovative products and services. We intend to work continuously on improvements and revamping our platform as necessary to maintain our competitiveness and strength in this ever-evolving market.

We are ready for, and welcome the challenges that will undoubtedly be included in our goal of unifying commerce globally, and are anticipating the many opportunities for growth that will surely be included in the ride. Happy 2017 from VTEX!