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Female Inclusion: The Necessary Transformation for Technology

Cassi Vilvert
4 Mar 2020
Women Day at VTEX.

Technology leaps ahead and with it all of society strives ahead. Women play a fundamental role in this process and were responsible for significant scientific advances worldwide.

According to the Gender Gap Report, women account for only 28% of technology professionals. These specialists’ wages correspond to just 77% of what men earn under the same conditions.

Several reports, such as Delivering through Diversity (2018), show that companies with more diverse teams and women in leadership positions increase their profitability, retain staff and make better decisions.


Women that transformed technology

A quick research will show that various women stood out due to their inventions and research. Why then is the number of women working in tech still low? Gender is one of the answers. One of society’s cultural stereotypes is that women are better at looking after people (than technology). But history tells a different tale.

Dorothy Vaughan, who was instrumental in placing a man on the moon or Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space, contributed to busting this myth. Other famous women join their ranks, such as Hedy Lamarr, who created the tech precursor to our modern day wi-fi, or Nettie Stevens, who discovered the XY chromosomes. All of these women inspired their generation and showed others the way to believe that transformation in science and technology can also be spearheaded by women.


Change is our responsibility

We are presently working on increasing the number of women in our offices worldwide. We still have a long way to go. Our goal is to increase gender equality and hire more women at VTEX. We understand that this challenge is our obligation and together with the People team, we have been working on having an increasing number of women undergo our recruitment process, from interns to team leaders.

Encouraging girls from a young age is a big step toward long term change and an essential part of decreasing gender inequality in the labor market. We hereby increase team diversity, creating diverse teams that deliver more comprehensive solutions.

History is written by women. Technology is also made by women. Equal opportunities bring about change and transformation. We believe that when a woman strives forward, the whole of society evolves together with her.