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Ecommerce Crisis Management [infographic]

Alexandre Soncini
22 Apr 2020

Due to the health and economic effects of COVID-19, brands and businesses that have not been deemed essential have had to either cease and fold or embrace digitalization. This checklist offers ecommerce recommendations for what to consider if your business is negatively affected by the pandemic.

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1. Enact Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Connect with service and solution partners to ensure the most up-to-date information is on hand.  
  • Ensure teams are in place to manage changes and adjustments to the website quickly 


2. Update Traffic Channels

  • Check channels according to product category and deactivate the categories that do not make sense to maintain
  • It may be best not to keep the Abandoned Cart functionality active 
  • If website must be shut down, do so in a way that allows SEO to be maintained
  • Ensure that errors such as 404, among others, do not get triggered in a Search Console


3. Reconfigure Operations Fulfillment:

  • Update all data and shipping communications
  • If there are delays, address them immediately
  • Be upfront with your customers BEFORE they make a purchase
  • Disable click and collect for regions that are not allowing store pickup 
  • Ensure all web content is updated with relevant information about the situation 

4. Customer Service:

  • Evaluate call center needs
  • If call centers are disabled, remove the phone number from all web pages
  • Ensure there is basic support for previous purchases: check cancellation, return and refund protocols
  • Confirm payment methods and ensure order release process continues to function properly