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Black Friday VTEX: 53% growth and over 1 million orders placed

Alexandre Soncini
18 Dec 2019
Black Friday VTEX

The journey to a successful Black Friday is not easy. You need to carefully map out each aspect encompassing your commerce operation: logistics, inventory, marketing, communication and mainly discounts and promotion mechanics.

Attention must be paid to every detail in the campaign to achieve the expected results. And in 2019, a challenging economic scenario in  Brazil added a layer of complexity to the mission: experts predicted overall growth of just 4% this year, according to data from GfK consultancy.

For e-commerce, the results were considerably better than the forecasts. Brazilian e-commerce growth was around 23.6% compared to 2018. In the US, Black Friday saw 14% more sales than the previous year. But those who were with us shoulder to shoulder during the Black Friday journey experienced even more significant results.


The best Black Friday of all

Since 2012, when the platform was refurbished into a multi-tenant architecture, VTEX has outperformed its own brands year after year. And 2019 was no different: in the 24 hours of Black Friday, we hit 29,486,762 sessions. This number accounted for 1,033,625 orders placed originating from the platform (reaching a peak of 987 per minute), representing an increase of 53.2% over 2018.

The previous record was reached at 17:12 PM, when last year’s Black Friday total of 674.501 orders was overtaken. This growth was in part due to the 22,5% more clients that were active during the promotion.

But a key factor of these VTEX results was the Same Store Sales. The number, which represents the change in same-store group sales when compared to the previous year, rose by 41.5% compared to 2018. This means that customers using our platform at least since last Black Friday had a better performance and more operational efficiency. 


Together, we overcome the toughest challenges

In 2019, we maintained the tradition of making a better Black Friday than the previous one. Our customers sold, on average, 79.5% more than the same day last year. This is more than triple the overall Brazilian online market growth of 23.6%.  

The results highlight the performance of our product and team, in addition to the strength of our ecosystem of partners and integrated solutions. Without it, laying a successful path as we’ve been doing every year would prove impossible.

Moving forward together, we are able to get much farther. And these numbers only strengthen our ability to join forces and face the complex commerce challenges, achieving the best results and breaking every record. And let’s keep going, because Black Friday 2020 has already begun.