How Stanley Black & Decker tailored their B2B operations to increase productivity - VTEX

How Stanley Black & Decker tailored their B2B operations to increase productivity

In partnership with VTEX, Stanley Black & Decker completely reshaped its B2B operations, tailoring buyer journeys that led to higher seller productivity and collaboration.

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of orders made through the bulk order feature

Improved sales performance

with a dashboard for each sales representative.

Lower TCO

with a centralized platform for online self-service, field sales and order management.

How Stanley Black & Decker tailored the buyer journey and increased seller productivity.

One of the most traditional players in the CPG industry, Stanley Black & Decker has been providing tools and innovative solutions to get the job done since 1843. Known for superior quality, continual innovation, and rigorous operational discipline, they’ve been heavily investing in innovation and digital excellence across all their business units.

To them, digitalizing the company means more than simply launching an e-commerce website. It means rethinking how they conduct business, engage with customers, and how the evolution of the world impacts their goals. And this is why they selected VTEX as the perfect partner for their collaborative commerce journey.

Thinking about the business in such a holistic way has enabled Stanley Black & Decker to go through their entire sales process and identify key points where they could improve with technology to streamline the buying and selling processes.

“If we want to keep on being the best at what we do, we need to constantly look for ways to disrupt ourselves and make sure that we push ourselves harder than any competitor would ever do.”

Orlando Gadea Ros, Business Innovation Director at Stanley Black & Decker

This commerce story will uncover:

  1. What going digital means for Stanley Black & Decker
  2. Why Stanley Black & Decker empowered their sales reps
  3. How Stanley Black & Decker simplified complex B2B buying and selling complexity
  4. How Stanley Black & Decker used promotions effectively
  5. How Stanley Black & Decker got their arms around total cost of ownership

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