The Composable and Complete Commerce Platform

Get smart about your digital commerce investments

Modernize your stack and reduce maintenance costs with VTEX's Composable and Complete platform

The Composable and Complete Commerce Platform

Leading brands adopted VTEX's headless and composable approach

Gartner Voice of the Customer

VTEX is the Sole Vendor named a ‘Customers Choice’ in the Gartner Voice of the Customer report

IDC MarketScape

VTEX is the highest-ranked ‘Leader’ Among 25 other B2C Vendors in IDC report

Recognitions and Awards

Learn why industry experts think VTEX is your next best tech investment


Ditch legacy and modernize your tech stack

Substitute your legacy stack faster with VTEX natively integrated and decoupled components. You'll get the latest technology in digital commerce with quicker time-to-market.

Headless storefront

API-based Service

Native Marketplace

Native Omnichannel

Run multiple business models on the same platform

B2C & B2B Commerce

Run multiple business models on the same platform

Headless storefronts

Headless storefronts

The answer for more efficient and scalable front-end experiences



Get global inventory visibility and multichannel integrations

VTEX Order Management System

Order Management System

Unify and optimize your sales and fulfillment operations

Expand market reach with our native marketplace solution

Marketplace & Seller Management

Expand market reach with our native marketplace solution


VTEX has surprised us by turning our bold vision into reality down to the finest details, sometimes going so far as to actually improve it. The expertise, top-notch technology and constant dedication have been invaluable to this project.

Jerome du ChaffautGeneral Manager of Unilever Spain

Optimize IT investments with a more modern tech stack and reduced maintenance costs

We are engineered for cost-effectiveness. With our composable architecture and native development platform, you can build, replace, and test various components and only keep those that deliver the best results.

Native development platform

Cloud-based services

Elastic infrastructure

Lower TCO

Security & Infrastructure

Security & Infrastructure

Scale in a secure, reliable and performant way

Extensions Hub

Extensions Hub

Connect your commerce ecosystem without all the glue code

VTEX IO App Platform

VTEX IO App Platform

Build custom services and business tooling and deploy it across your organization

VTEX IO Frontend Platform

VTEX IO Frontend Platform

Run high-performance storefronts with state-of-the-art front-end resources

Pragmatic Composability

Find a smarter way to make digital commerce investments with VTEX's Pragmatic Composability approach

Having a single comprehensive platform versus multiple platforms with separate implementations and integrations reduces the total cost of ownership

Orlando Gadea RosBusiness Innovation Director at Stanley Black & Decker

Launch new channels. Engage in new ways. Unlock new growth opportunities.

Speed is a business differentiator. That's why we've built a collection of plug-and-play applications to help you explore new sales channels, integrate your operations, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Live Shopping

Live Shopping

Unlock interactive experiences, build stronger connections with your audience, and boost online sales

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Develop, integrate, and switch components.

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We're recognized by Paradigm B2B

VTEX was awarded 12 medals in Paradigm B2B Combine: Enterprise Edition 2023

Global brands are getting smart about commerce investments

colgate-pro brand


conversion rate in customized products


days to launch Colgate Pro and expand digital sales operations

VTEX solutions used

StanleyBlack&Decker brand


of orders made through the bulk order feature

lower TCO

with a centralized platform

VTEX solutions used

macromex brand


support to sellers


active customers in database

VTEX solutions used


Your path to growth starts with the right commerce architecture