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VTEX to Power AB InBev’s Global Digital Marketplace and POS.

Bernardo Lemgruber
Bernardo Lemgruber August 11, 2020
VTEX to Power AB InBev’s Global Digital Marketplace and POS.

AB InBev’s customer-centric strategy leads to a new collaborative commerce partnership. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer behavior, it became increasingly clear that items like physical menus and processes like ordering and delivery required a rethink. In this landscape, AB InBev was looking for a platform with agility, flexibility and scalability as its restaurants and bars around the world begin to re-open.

“Customers are at the heart of everything that we do, and we’re excited to partner with VTEX to simplify the online ordering process worldwide.”

France Roy, Global Head of Engineering, AB InBev

After much evaluation and the need for faster project implementation, AB InBev selected VTEX. It was the agility that VTEX’s headless commerce solution provides that won them over. With this partnership in place, AB InBev was able to decrease the project time and get a technology solution in the market within a few weeks. By building on top of VTEX Store Framework the direct to consumer team within ZX Ventures, AB InBev’s global growth & innovation group can stand up customized solutions for bars and restaurants around the world. 

Unifying technology across all locations where AB InBev operates brings an immediate practical value: they can create a more customer-centric offering, driving brand loyalty and better strategies based on customer insights. 

For a company with a portfolio of well over 500 beer brands, VTEX’s fully-integrated marketplace-commerce-OMS solution was key. The platform’s unique commerce and marketplace capabilities, including its advanced pricing engine and multi-currency support, allow the company to treat the sales channels as sellers on the Collaborative Commerce model.

“Collaborative Commerce is a foundational part of our business, and we’ve found this proposition resonates well with our clients, who value interconnectivity between their channels to provide a better user experience.”

Amit Shah, Chief Strategy Officer & US General Manager, VTEX

A successful prior project with AB InBev in Brazil set the foundation for mutual trust, ensuring a fruitful relationship, and endless opportunities. With Emporio da Cerveja’s brick-and-mortar store in the heart of São Paulo, VTEX and AB InBev pioneered self-service checkout using VTEX inStore, the fully integrated ecommerce, and POS solution. After providing consumers with a truly unified experience in Latin America, the two companies are now aiming to accelerate digital commerce transformation around the globe.

For more on the recent news, read the press release from August 4th.

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