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VTEX Store Framework

Launch stores tailor-made for your business at lightning speed.

Create custom experiences that are quick to build and simple to maintain with a modern, easy to use store framework and development environment.


Lightning speed development

Build fast and easily

Our store framework provides ready-to-use components based on React, GraphQL and Node that enable you to quickly build and launch high-performance stores.

Develop without limits

Our powerful technology unlocks a world of possibilities for front-end development. With a modular architecture, you can customize, reuse and create custom components for your storefront.

Leverage cutting-edge infrastructure

Enjoy our fully managed auto-scalable cloud infrastructure to start deploying and publishing in record time.

Unlock cross-border opportunities

With multi-currency, multi-stores and multi-language tools and reusable components you can go global by easily launching multiple websites in different countries.

Speed Development Speed Development

Simplified management

Easy to use CMS

Manage content and edit templates and pages in a modern and user friendly content management system (CMS).

Centralized store management

Manage multi-channel, multi-language and multi-currency websites with a single CMS.

Improve conversions with A/B testing

With our native A/B test and infinite workspaces, managing changes and improving your store’s performance is easy.

Leverage AI-powered merchandising tools

Use merchandising and search tools to manage pricing, automatically index the right content for best SEO results, promote specific products based on user behavior and create native tags to track store performance and results.

VTEX Site Editor VTEX Site Editor

Improve customer experience

Create personalized experiences

Intelligent Search improves shopper experience and increases conversion with AI-powered search-as-you-type experience and context-driven product suggestions.

Go mobile with PWA

Enable offline navigation and purchases as a native mobile application with Progressive Web Application (PWA) and ensure a great customer experience in any device.

Be smooth with Single Page Application

Use the Single Page Application technology to deliver a fluid navigation experience and faster transitions between pages.

Optimize performance

Store Framework’s React-based components were designed to optimize website performance – page load time is no longer an issue.

Woman with the personalized shopping experience

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