Become a marketplace or expand sales channels.

Whether you want to sell on marketplaces or become one, leverage from a unified commerce platform with a native marketplace solution.

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Create your own marketplace

Every VTEX store is born ready to become a marketplace itself. Partner with 2500+ stores from around the world to explore this model to the fullest.

Improved performance

With a native marketplace solution and open API's, simplify seller integrations or develop custom integrations to marketplaces globally.

Truly integrated channels

Be it for marketplaces or for brick-and-mortar stores, VTEX is the single source of truth which allows you to manage all sales channels, from order management to promotions, pricing and much more.

Marketplace architecture

Become a marketplace

Native multi-seller architecture

Speed up implementation with a native marketplace platform. Leverage from a seller portal and automatic inventory synchronization, so your customer can purchase from multiple sellers using the same cart.

Ready for B2C, B2B and even brick-and-mortar sellers.

Regardless of your industry or channel, integrate inventory and catalogs and offer multiple experiences with our Open API structure.

Native integrations

Expand your business. Globally.

Reach 2500+ VTEX sellers

Being a VTEX Marketplace puts you one step away from reaching 2500+ sellers in more than 28 countries, with seamless integration.

Ready for multi-currency and language

Go international with multiple storefronts to support different languages and easily manage local currencies and payment conditions.

Suggestions admin

Take control of your operation.

Optimize your operation

Reduce time and cost with automatic category mapping, logs and a suggestions admin to approve and decline products at scale.

Leverage from a unified commerce platform

From a distributed order management to advanced pricing and promotions features, your marketplace is an out-of-the-box, powerful sales channel.

Become a seller and leverage from a single platform for all sales channels.

Plug n' play integrations

Seamlessly integrate with big marketplaces such as Mercado Livre, Walmart and even our native app for Google Shopping integration and management.

Product status and logs

Gain real-time visibility of every marketplace sale, with update logs about product, pricing and inventory.

Distributed Order Management

Manage all orders from every sales channel in a single order management system benefiting from a custom order-flow and integrated logistics.

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Discover our unified commerce platform and see your business thrive.

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