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VTEX accelerates commerce transformation of global corporations with a platform that makes the complex simple by unifying all customer experiences.

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We provide commerce solutions for leading companies in 28+ countries.

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Distributed Order Management

30% Complete

Keep track of all orders in real time and optimize costs across channels, logistics, and fulfillment.


Web and inStore Point of Commerce

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Connect brick-and-mortar and e-commerce data to create consistent customer experiences, offer personalized deals, and improve sales.


Context-driven Experience Management

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From clusters to layout and catalog, create context-driven experiences across channels.


Customer service and clienteling

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From subscription to simplified order changes, empower your customers and keep them at the core of your operation.


A major player on IDC MarketScape.

In 2018, VTEX was named a major player in the study conducted by IDC, which analyzes SaaS and cloud-enabled B2C digital commerce platforms worldwide.

VTEX is recognized by Gartner.

We handle billions of sessions that generate over 2.4 billion dollars in GMV across 2.500+ stores. We're already leaders in the digital cloud commerce world, and Gartner endorses that statement.

One solution, endless possibilities

Accelerate your company transformation with VTEX.

Digital Commerce

Extinde posibilitățile e-commerce cu funcționalități practice și ușor de folosit, capabile să-ți răspundă și celor mai complexe cereri.

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Conectează-ți experiența inStore a magazilor fizice cu informațiile altor canale de vânzare și crează o cale mai consistentă pentru clienții tăi.

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B2B Commerce

Transformă-ți conexiunile de afaceri și optimizează-ți afacerea prin noi experiențe pentru fiecare fel de cumpărător.

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Beneficiază de o soluție de piață de tip nativ pentru a crea noi strategii, a genera mai multă valoare pentru clienți și a crește veniturile.

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