The Foschini Group goes headless and cross-border with VTEX

Gabriela Porto
Gabriela Porto November 10, 2022
The Foschini Group goes headless and cross-border with VTEX

VTEX has expanded its customer portfolio to reach all five continents, reinforcing its global expansion. Africa, VTEX has arrived!

The Foschini Group is the first client with an active store in the African continent, based in South Africa. TFG is a multi-brand retailer with 30 brands carrying everything from fashion, value, jewelry, accessories, sporting apparel, and more.

In just four months, TFG launched a unified, headless marketplace ( making it the first traditional brick-and-mortar retailer in South Africa to create an online shopping platform of this kind. This was made possible due to VTEX’s partnership with AWS cloud-native servers. This provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables customers to deploy applications and data quickly and securely.

“The Foschini Group’s goal through every step of the digital transformation process has been to deliver a consistently exceptional experience for our customers. Whether it is creating an exciting mobile experience for shoppers or ensuring our last-mile fulfillment promises are met.”

Luke Jedeikin, co-Head of TFG Labs


VTEX was the best choice for TFG due to its scalable cloud solution. The main decision driver was its previous legacy system platform that limited the Group to having individual websites for each brand. VTEX recognized TFG’s particularities and the marketplace was configured and implemented to best suit TFG’s and its consumers’ needs. 

In South Africa specifically, shoppers do not always have access to email accounts for logins, so VTEX offered TFG a customized solution to use login with a cellphone number. Local logistics is also a challenging process, so they needed a sophisticated solution that could handle many scenarios out of the box. 

“What drew us to VTEX was the simplified API integration, personalization, and better features for customers. We are at the beginning of our omnichannel journey and when compared to its competitors, VTEX was the best choice in terms of superior capabilities at a fraction of the time.”

Luke Jedeikin, co-Head of TFG Labs

By using a headless approach, TFG has full control of the content management system (CMS), which provides flexibility for each individual brand to customize their marketplace sites as they wish, while also providing a seamless, easy checkout experience for customers. 

The VTEX way

VTEX makes it easy for businesses to enter into new markets or expand their capabilities by providing an adaptable and customizable platform for enterprise companies of all industries and in any location. VTEX does the work to understand the unique market behaviors so that its customers can focus on their own business and stakeholders while limiting the need and investment in additional tech support. Are you looking for an ecommerce platform for your enterprise business? Get in touch with an ecommerce specialist today.