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The Road Ahead for Automotive Ecommerce

COVID-19 has absolutely accelerated the pace of change in ecommerce. And it’s not going back. We are heading into a period where consumers and auto companies will rapidly adopt new digital tools and processes to modernize the car-buying process.

However, there is more to this story than just the consumer and industry reaction to coronavirus. The pandemic may have been the accelerator, but consumers have been slowly shifting their car buying habits for quite some time.

Alongside Publicis Sapient, we’ve compiled research to help you meet the evolving online car shopping demands.

Deliverables for the Next Generation Car Buying Experience:

  • Fast, comprehensive, satisfying car shopping online
  • Fast search and access to key information from both OEMs and dealers
  • Seamless continuity for online car shoppers moving from OEM brand sites to dealer sites
  • One-time entry for consistent customer data throughout the dealer experience
  • Minimal customer waiting time and agent disappearance at dealerships