Policies and Procedures - VTEX

Policies and Procedures

Anti-Corruption Policy

The Anti-Corruption Policy was created to prevent bribery, avoid the occurrence of wrongdoings, and enable VTEX to respond promptly and effectively to any inquiries about its conduct.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

The Anti-Money Laundering Policy was created to establish VTEX’s commitment to combating the risk of facilitating money laundering and terrorist financing through the company’s operations.

Trade Compliance Policy

The Trade Compliance Policy was created to establish VTEX’s commitment to conducting its operations with the highest legal and ethical standards and complying with the applicable export and sanctions laws and regulations.

Gifts and Hospitality Guide

The Gifts and Hospitality Guide was created to provide guidelines on offering or accepting gifts and hospitalities. At VTEX, all gifts and hospitalities must have a clear and legitimate business purpose.