Ethics channel

In an environment of freedom and autonomy, we are the agents that build and safeguard a healthy environment that prioritizes respect. In line with our values and Code of Ethics, each and every one of us bears the responsibility to speak out in any case of misconduct. To that end, we have created the Ethics Channel.

If you have any concerns or believe that an action is not in line with our values and principles, don’t remain silent. We want — and need — to hear from you.

The Ethics Channel is managed by a third-party company that guarantees the anonymity and confidentiality of your report.

It’s up to you. Your report can be anonymous, or you may disclose your identity if you wish. Feel free to choose what makes you more comfortable.

Code of Ethics

In the Code of Ethics, you will find the main guidelines for your daily work and how to pursue the right course of action in VTEX.