Optimise omnichannel operations and increase efficiency with VTEX OMS.

Leverage VTEX’s native OMS for inventory visibility across channels, optimised fulfilment, and increased profit margins.

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Integrate inventory from your entire fulfilment network

Get your omnichannel operation rolling by integrating inventory from your entire network of stores, fulfilment centres, suppliers, and third-party sellers.

  • Synchronise inventory with systems of record, like ERP, POS and WMS using VTEX prebuilt integrations and APIs.
  • Gain visibility to dropship partner and marketplace seller inventory.
  • Create fulfilment points and independently control and optimise fulfilment rules for each.
  • Segment inventory availability depending on the channel, audience, or region.

Intelligently route orders for fulfilment

Maximise profitability and streamline fulfilment operations by ensuring orders are fulfilled in the most efficient way.

  • Source orders based on inventory availability, delivery windows and fulfilment points.
  • Split shipments for purchases fulfilled by multiple stores, sellers, or carriers.
  • Allocate shipments to the best carrier based on product category, package dimension, and carrier capacity.
  • Give customers visibility to inventory so they can make informed purchase decisions.
  • Offer support for order changes, substitutions, and cancellations and give real-time order updates to your customers.

Offer flexible fulfilment options

Support the omnichannel experiences your customers want by offering pickup points, ship from store, scheduled delivery, and even multiple delivery options on a single order.

BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store)

Give customers the option to pick up orders in physical locations and schedule orders for kerbside or store pickup.

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Integrate your stores with your digital commerce channels and use them to ship online orders.

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Sell products from third-party suppliers directly to your customers, without the need to handle inventory or logistics.

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Enable your store associates to sell products from other inventory sources and deliver items wherever the customers' want.

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Manage all your inventory and orders in one place

Optimise your commerce operation with a single view of inventory, seamlessly orchestrating orders across channels, and fulfilling orders from stores and distribution centres with VTEX Order Management System.

  • Order Orchestration
  • Global Inventory Visibility
  • Inventory management
  • Safety stock management
  • Order listing and order details
  • Shipping strategies
  • Payment terms/processing
  • Delivery capacity
  • Order change
  • Seller change
  • Ready for marketplace
  • Cloud native scalability
  • API enabled

Integrated stack

A powerful, API-ready OMS

Our distributed order management is built into the VTEX Digital Commerce Platform to unify your business and meet customer delivery promises more efficiently and cost-effectively.

See VTEX OMS in action

In this demo video, learn how to integrate your entire fulfilment network and configure your shipping strategies for improved order management.


Discover out-of-the-box omnichannel solutions with faster time to revenue.

Inventory management

Real-time inventory visibility

Inventory allocation per channel

Just in time inventory management

Target and Safety stock settings

Inventory reservation

Order management

Omnichannel order visibility

Order routing

Split orders/shipments

Order tracking

Order status notifications

Cancel, change, refund orders and exchanges

Change Seller

Order flow

Subscriptions – recurring orders

Order analytics



Pickup points

Delivery capacity

Delivery rules (max dimensions, product category)

Scheduled delivery

Carriers and delivery methods

Google Maps Polygon Array integration

Integration with local fulfilment mechanism and WMSs (WebAPI – JSON/REST)

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