Tap into new markets with VTEX and Lengow.

Expand your reach by selling in multiple marketplaces across the globe with the VTEX native integration with Lengow.

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

Connect and manage all your marketplace integrations and expand your reach seamlessly by integrating VTEX with Lengow.

Optimize your operation

Optimize your operation

Reduce costs and save time with automated catalog feed and an out-of-the-box native integration.

Go cross-border

Go cross-border

Tap into new markets and grow revenue by easily integrating with leading marketplaces across the globe.

Grow revenue and reach.

Take control over your data

Easily import your product data from VTEX to Lengow, manipulate it to adapt it perfectly to every marketing channel’s specificities.

Automate your publications

Make your products visible in a centralized, intelligent, and automated way.

Take inspiration from recommendations to optimize the data you publish online.

Perform on marketplaces

Choose where to sell your products among all the marketplaces connected to Lengow. Centralize and manage all your orders from your VTEX back office. Track your inventories precisely to always publish up-to-date data.

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Optimize time and cost.

Overcome technical barriers

Expand your market and discover new opportunities while staying in control of your data, your products, your brand.

Optimize your acquisition campaigns

Connect all your marketing tools and manage your campaigns and budgets from a single interface, guided by our intelligent recommendations.

Simplify your daily tasks

Provide your employees with a simple and automated tool and save configuration time thanks to our APIs and connectors.

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Be efficient, save time and control your channel operations by connecting VTEX with Lengow.