Live Shopping: Samsung’s strategy to take over

Live Shopping has been widely recognized as one of the biggest trends that will drive the future of the online shopping experience in the next few years. China was the first market to adopt Live Shopping en masse, and even giants in the American market, such as Amazon, have followed suit.

Now, big brands around the world are adding Live Shopping to their ecommerce strategies. Perhaps the most important one amongst them is Samsung, which has implemented Live Shopping in its Latin American markets.

Next is what?

As a trend, Live Shopping has been remarkably successful in positioning itself as “the next big thing”, and this perception has consolidated in a surprisingly short time. Samsung, headquartered in Seoul, was particularly close to the birth of Live Shopping, and was one of the first brands to add it to its marketing strategy. 

After a couple of tries in its native market, Samsung decided to push for new events in different geographies. During 2020 and 2021, Sweden, Great Britain, India and Spain have had their own Samsung Live Shopping events. Every market has adapted its strategies according to its population’s preferences. Some have used YouTube, whereas others have opted for hosting transmissions on their own websites.

For Samsung, Latin America seemed like the final frontier. The push to reach it occurred in the last six months, with events either planned or already executed in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile — all countries in which the consumer electronics giant’s digital commerce operations are powered by VTEX.

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