Scale quicker with a marketplace solution

Expand your reach and product assortment while reducing risks and costs. Sell products from third-parties and become a one-stop-shop for your customers.

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Expand product assortment

Eliminate the inventory and supply chain costs of adding new brands and product categories to your portfolio.

Be essential to your customers

Offer greater product selection so your customers can find everything they need in a single location.

Sell across all channels

Sell products from third-party sellers alongside your own in every channel, from physical locations to web and mobile.

Leading brands trust VTEX as their Enterprise Digital Commerce Platform

VTEX named a Leading provider of Marketplace solutions in McFadyen Digital’s Marketplace Suite Spot Report, Q4 2021


VTEX named a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave™: Marketplace Development Platforms, Q4 2021

Jumpstart your online marketplace

  • Native commerce, marketplace, and OMS

    Increase the value of your marketplace operation by using a complete platform with lower TCO.

  • Run your entire operation in one place

    Manage your entire commerce operation in one place and synchronise it with third-party sellers' offerings.


Discover and onboard sellers easily

  • Explore a network of sellers

    Connect to any seller in VTEX’s growing ecosystem of 3200+ online stores in 38 countries, with only a few clicks.

  • Quickly onboard new sellers

    Sellers can easily onboard into the VTEX Seller Portal, seamlessly send products, and receive orders right away.

Manage and enable your sellers’ success

  • Maintain quality across the board

    Leverage built-in tools and performance dashboards to maintain visibility and control over every product sent by third-party sellers.

  • Customise your seller experience

    Define the capabilities and integrations you'll offer to your sellers, based on their specific needs and use cases.

  • Automate seller payout and commissioning

    Leverage our native split payment solution to guarantee an efficient payment flow and to deliver a seamless seller payout experience.

Offer your products in new channels

  • Sell in other marketplaces

    Unify your entire catalog - 1P and 3P - with other leading marketplaces in the market to drive incremental sales.

  • Connect with brick-and-mortar stores

    Link seller inventory with physical stores and enable more fulfillment options like BOPIS, ship-from-store, and more.


Use Cases

Uncover new areas of growth with marketplace

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  • Range extension

    Extend your range of products without the cost and risk of owning, managing, and storing additional inventory.

  • Dropship

    Streamline your fulfillment operation while maintaining control of the customer experience for every third-party

  • B2B Marketplace

    Become a one-stop-shop and build a direct connection with buyers with a B2B self-service marketplace.

  • Channel management

    Unite with your suppliers and sales partners to eliminate channel conflict and create a seamless experience across the entire buyer journey.

Additional marketplace capabilities

  • Marketplace network

  • Seller portal

  • Commissioning and financial reconciliation

  • Seller self-service onboarding

  • Catalog management and moderation

  • Seller quality management and sales analytics

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