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Why VTEX is the “Fort Knox” of eCommerce Platforms

Rafael Esberard
25 Apr 2019

As per the company’s publications in the last years, VTEX has been profitable since 2014 with exceptional YoY growth and remaining debt-free. Most of the eCommerce platforms in the United States operate under high-debt depending on investors’ financing in order to handle such expenses as marketing and salaries. We can say that VTEX is the Fort Knox of platforms, especially pertaining to its financial stability and independence. Additionally, as an eCommerce platform, VTEX stands ready to face any kind of turmoil that may occur in the market.

Recession Bullet-Proof

A wide range of market predictions have determined a recession might be occurring in the United States this year or perhaps the next, and for VTEX, this will be an opportunity. At the present time, VTEX holds around 80 to 90% of its revenue, as a result of its positioning and the market share that we have in Latin America. As Latin America just passed through one of its greatest financial crises, over the last five years, VTEX has continued to grow at a relevant YoY rate. Presently, VTEX stands as an international company with a solid presence in over 28 countries. With the largest source of revenue for VTEX abroad, and even in the event of a recession in the United States, the company will not be threatened due to losses. In fact, expedited growth is anticipated if a recession were to occur.

One of the tactics VTEX has employed in our strategy for expansion is acquiring other companies rooted in online business. Earlier this year, VTEX acquired UniteU, as a calculated yet careful step forward with organic expansion in the United States market.

Tranquility to Our Clients

VTEX will continue to use its best efforts seeking a healthy financial structure to continue to self-fund the company on its global expansion aligned with continuous investment in R&D and innovation. VTEX is positioned to expand further, with an emphasis on partnerships, our team, and overall quality. It is our ultimate intention to continue to maintain our placement as one of the best Unified Commerce platforms for eCommerce solutions in the market, competing with the industry’s most prominent leaders. VTEX’s expansion in the United States can be looked at as a marathon with checkpoints; we are not concerned with growing excessively fast while trampling past important steps to become well known quickly; we are concerned with doing good projects at the present time to solidify our standing and foundation.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem that speaking of the finest aspects of a company or mentioning how stable a digital commerce platform company is, truly is necessary, but that isn’t the case with VTEX. In our agile culture, these aspects are extremely important because they are essential to our core principles.

So, to wrap up, if you are looking for stability for your eCommerce website, you will find that VTEX is able to support a diverse array of eCommerce needs and has the means and long-term projection to be with you for the foreseeable future; from the next year to the next 5 and further. The journey has only just started for us here. Thank you.

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