Everything you need to know about VTEX DAY 2018

Elias Bruno
Elias Bruno May 9, 2018
Everything you need to know about VTEX DAY 2018

VTEX DAY 2018 will be happening in just a few short days. After several discussions with the VTEX DAY team, it’s clear that the company has a wide range of thought-provoking content, solutions, results – and above all values in the works.  Here is a preview of what you can expect to be covered during the event on May 14 and 15.

This will be the first in a series of posts dedicated to the exciting content that will be showcased during VTEX DAY. We hope you join us as we discuss the many innovations currently underway and what’s soon to come!

What will people learn from the event?

The VTEX DAY event is intended to be a memorable reference point, offering in-depth knowledge for those in the industry of eCommerce. The aim is to discuss the latest innovations and new developments coming from VTEX, the exhibitors, and the eCommerce market as a whole.

Another interesting detail is that some of the discussions will be targeted towards the interests of other industries, service providers, and B2B markets, who are all expected to be a part of the attending audience.

Throughout the event, a variety of demonstration rooms will run simultaneously, while presentations for a wide array of topics, such as omnichannel, cross border, marketplace, marketing, IT, commercial and operational strategies and actions, and successful global and pragmatic cases will take place.

One area that has been of particular focus is on developing themes that break down barriers of limiting discussion of electronic commerce to its technical aspects. In other words, the aim is to also wager on content and presentations that reflect these present roles in our very digital society – as was the case during previous VTEX DAY presentations by Fernando Henrique Cardoso in 2015, Joaquim Barbosa in 2016, and Richard Branson in 2017.

In terms of guest speakers, VTEX DAY 2018 will feature a greater number of presenters than ever before. In 2017, there were just over 120 speakers; this year, there will be more than 150 (those already announced include Bruce Dickinson, Marc Randolph, Brian McBride and Nathalia Arcuri) for an audience that is set to surpass 13,000 attendees.

What results can we expect from VTEX DAY 2018?

To exceed attendees’ expectations, the organization hopes all attendees will come out of the event with a new outlook. It is our goal to inspire everyone to leave their comfort zones, learn something new about what the future is going to bring, and apply this knowledge in their day-to-day activities with their businesses.

In this respect, the idea is that combining more technical, inspirational, and political-economic presentations will encourage attendees to grow as professionals and entrepreneurs.

In addition to content, we must also recognize the commercial aspect of accessing solutions at the event. VTEX DAY not only drives business opportunities but also opens up new opportunities and materializes them. Proof of this exists in the range and quantity of exhibitors using omnichannel solutions – offering products that work for both physical and digital retailing.

In short, people will leave the event having learned more about ideas and/or engaging services solutions capable of enhancing their businesses.

What are the main values for the event?

One of the pillars of VTEX DAY is giving business partners and customers a chance to meet the people behind the solutions shown at the event, as is the case with VTEX itself, since every member of our team will be there.

Another important point to emphasize is that VTEX DAY is not just about content and business. It will also provide a full-on experience for attendees, aimed at bridging the gap between technology and the human aspect. Though this is a corporate event, it will feature a lighter, friendlier tone with a little bit of fun with the entertainment component. There will be many alternative attractions such as the high-energy closing show, a little bit of adventure mixed in with the zipline (which was a part of last year’s VTEX DAY, and proved to be a great success), and even a fashion and beauty demonstration (a first for the 2018 VTEX Day).

Another relevant aspect is that we will have select curators covering the subjects addressed. Unlike most eCommerce events around the world, at which content is often selected and developed by associations or journalists, the entire agenda and roadmap for VTEX DAY is developed by people with firsthand, practical experience and an intimate understanding of eCommerce, retailing, and business.

Last but not least, it is important to note our new approach to the positioning of the event. Instead of highlighting the notion that it is a top multi-channel sales event, the new logo for VTEX DAY is reminiscent of our underlying premise of inclusivity: a circle embracing our people. This furthers the idea that all attendees at VTEX DAY will be telling the same story.

So, what is the VTEX DAY 2018 story?

Well, as our event website states: the aim is to have everyone aligned in the sector, changing, and moving forward together.