Andreea Pop
Andreea Pop Marketing Associate

As a Marketing Associate working in the Marketing Enablement team, I am continuously trying to find and share the greatest stories about how VTEX accelerates digital transformation and evolution.

Written by Andreea Pop

The Rise of Retail Innovation Labs

During the last few years, the world of retail has been experiencing tremendous and irreversible changes due to…


Digital Transformation Guide for the Fashion Industry

This article will cover: when ecommerce becomes essential; 5 things your website needs – and VTEX can provide;…


The marketplace wave: launching the first Romanian online shopping mall

It would be a cumbersome process to name all the losers of the coronavirus pandemic, but shopping malls…

Customer Stories

Find out how Red Oxx embraces Collaborative Commerce with VTEX

“Made in Montana” Bonafide Entrepreneurs Red Oxx manufactures the finest multi-purpose luggage and sporting gear renowned for their …


From fashion to grocery: How Miniprix reinvented themselves in just one week

In the age of coronavirus, fashion took a step back – and fashion retailers took a hit. Miniprix,…

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