Baseline Cookie Policy

This pages provides a baseline cookie policy for the stores hosted on VTEX. This can be used as a template to the store’s specific cookie policy page and contains the list of the cookies used by VTEX.

Below you can find the baseline policy.

<Here you should write an intro to your policy. The following paragraph may be used as an example>

Example text: In <web store>’s web site, we use cookies in order to offer you a better service providing you with a better experience throughout your navigation. Our intention is to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies we use, detailing what is a cookie, what is its purpose, what types of cookies we use.

A cookie is a small file that is stored in the user’s device (computer, smartphone, tablet, …), with information that may be necessary to or informational about their navigation.

Cookies are essential to the workings of the Internet, enabling the providing of several interative services, facilitating the navigation and usability of the web site. In no condition could cookies cause any harm to your device.

What types of cookies do we use?

  • Own Cookies Are those sent to your device from our web store’s servers and domains from which we provide you our service
  • Third Party Cookies Are those sent to your device from servers or domains that are not managed by us, but by partners of ours.
  • Session Cookies Temporary cookies that live in your device as long as the browser window you were usign to navigate across our web site. After the browser window is closed, these cookies cease to exist in your device.
  • Persistent Cookies These are kept in your device after the browser window is closed. It will be seen by our services every time you pay us a new visit. A persistent cookie has an expiration date set, and will cease to exist after this expiration date is due.
  • Technical Cookies Are those strictly necessary to the proper working of our web site. They allow us, for example, to control traffic and data exchange between your browser and our servers, allow or deny access to restricted areas of the site or even place a purchase order.
  • Personalization Cookies Are those that allow you to access the service contextualized by the type of browser you are using, or getting advantageous commercial conditions to which you are differentiatably eligible.
  • Analytics Cookies (not managed by VTEX, you should include this in case of related customizations) Are those that helps us to quantify the number of users, therefore allowing us to take measurements and make statistical analysis of the way users interact with our services.
  • Marketing Cookies (not managed by VTEX, you should include this in case of related customizations) Are those that enable the management of publicitary spots that can be included in our web site.
  • Behavioral Marketing Cookies (not managed by VTEX, you should include this in case of related customizations) These cookies store behavioral information collected from continuous observation. This kind of cookies may or may not be analyzed across different web sites (rephrase this part according to the third parties you have included in the web store).

List of cookies in our web site

VtexFingerPrint<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
VtexRCMacIdv7<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
VtexRCRequestCounter<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
VtexRCSessionIdv7<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
ISSMB<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
IPS<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
ISS<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
VTEXSC<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
SGTP<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
SGTS<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
janus_sid<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
.ASPXAUTH<webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
VtexIdclientAutCookie_<accountID><webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes
VtexIdclientAutCookie_<accountName><webstore url>Strictly NecessaryOwnYes