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The Ultimate Guide: How to Prepare for Black Friday

Significant retail events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday require meticulous research, planning and in-advance preparation to unfold seamlessly and trigger record sales. With Black Friday online sales projected to grow by 20% YoY, the best way to prepare your ecommerce business is to have the technology you can rely on, excel at project and team management, and offer a frictionless online shopping experience.

In this guide, we will cover the main elements you and your team should concern yourselves with for the best Black Friday experience possible. Expect tips & tricks, checklists, examples and additional resources.

Before moving on, here are some general guidelines for Black Friday 2022:

  • Always put yourself in your customers’ shoes;
  • Trust numbers, but also trust your team and your intuition;
  • Be flexible and make use of out-of-the-box solutions.