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Digital Warriors: Rapid response and a marketplace strategy

COVID-19 has directly impacted all businesses in one way or another, and for many it meant an acceleration of digital strategies. Some businesses flourished due to demand, others faced turmoil and some rose to new elements by seizing the disruption for a positive outcome. 

One such organization that pivoted quickly was Project N95.

Project N95 is the national clearinghouse for sourcing critical PPE and medical supplies. In early 2020, they saw a need to help and launched their own online marketplace to distribute critical PPE to frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable communities’ high-risk groups. 

Now you might be asking yourself: 

  • How was an organization able to pivot and adapt so fast in the midst of a global catastrophe? 
  • How were they able to go-live with their new digital initiative in record time? 
  • What leadership challenges did they face and embrace head on? 
  • How can my business learn from their wins and failures when launching our own marketplace?

In this pre-recorded session, we answer those questions along with many others. Viewers will discover the marketplace initiative that is changing the game and why it’s crucial to make change management a top business priority.