Sell to everyone from anywhere with an omnichannel approach.

Ecommerce, marketplace, physical stores, mobile apps, showrooms, and whatever else you may think of: Manage and fulfill orders from all your sales channels in one place.

omnichannel commerce platform omnichannel commerce platform
Integrate sales channels

Integrate sales channels

Use inventory more efficiently, enable endless aisle, and give shoppers the power to make purchase decisions based on where inventory is located.

Deliver the best experience

Deliver the best experience

Get comprehensive customer data and improve your clienteling with personalised services and targeted promotions.

Turn stores into pickup points

Turn stores into pickup points

Enable click and collect and curbside pickup to meet customers' demand for contactless ordering and delivery.

Manage orders from all your channels in one place

Optimisation is key

Manage orders and inventory from all sales channels in a single place to optimise product allocation, shipping, and fulfillment.

Everything you need in one place

Easily connect all the tools you need to run your operations: build your own integrations or use our pre built integrations to third-party solutions such as ERP, CRM, POS; and more.

Better experiences for your customer

With all inventory, orders, and sales channels connected, your customers can shop from anywhere and receive their orders in the most convenient way for them.

Going digital with brick-and-mortar stores

Technology at your service

Integrate checkout and customer data with a multi-device app to empower your sales team and offer clients personalised promotions and recommendations.

No more inventory shortages

With endless aisle, customers in a brick-and-mortar store can buy a product even if it is not physically there. As a result, shoppers get a better experience and merchants capture more sales.

More selling opportunities

Turn physical stores into pick-up points for products ordered online and increase foot traffic, cross-selling opportunities, and revenue.

VTEX features for delivering omnichannel experiences

  • Unified inventory and catalog

  • Checkout integrated across channels

  • Built-in payment integrations

  • Unified pricing and promotions

  • Omnichannel cart: integrated, persistent and shareable

  • Fulfillment optimization

Ready to start running your sales channels as one?