VTEXbook – Mobile Commerce

Building a Mobile Version Using VTEX Platform



Mobile version refers to a website with a version exclusively designed for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones, either ios or android). Its content is completely independent and you can change it as desired without impacting the desktop version.

This VTEXbook provides information to simplify the design and development of the VTEX mobile commerce version.

All information found here is intended for general stakeholders and for system programmers who will plan, install and customize dedicated mobile websites. We will not address any topic in confrontation with the responsiveness concept. The required concepts and tasks for making the product operational are illustrated by figures and practical examples.

The reader is assumed to have a basic VTEX knowledge and to be familiar with ecommerce.

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Project’s advisor: João Teixeira (VTEX)

Authors: Ykaro Lemes (Enext) e Wellington Barreto (Enext)

Special thanks: Érick Herrera (Maeztra Consultoria)

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