VTEX Blog - The time is now to go direct-to-consumer

The time is now to go direct-to-consumer

Alexandre Soncini
17 Jun 2016

Across the digital commerce industry, more and more brands are recognizing the importance of selling direct to their consumers. Brands can leverage the trust they inspire in shoppers on and offline by asking them to buy direct, resulting in a better relationship with consumers, higher market share, and a stronger brand.

The reasons for making the switch are outlined in detail in Brands are taking control by going direct to consumer, a joint report issued by VTEX and Huge, Inc. and authored by industry insider Alexandre Soncini. Soncini brings with him over 15 years of experience in the digital commerce industry, and as head of one of the world’s leading┬ádigital commerce platforms, he has the tips and tricks brand manufacturers need to make the right long-term decisions.

Making the transition to ecommerce is still overwhelming for many retailers. It requires a solid investment in the right digital platform, a knowledgeable team and an understanding of the target market. As a result, manufacturers rely on retailers to sell their products, but with the right plan brands can go direct to consumer (DTC). Brand manufacturers who are not selling direct-to-consumer are missing out on a share of this growing online channel.

With this report in hand, brand manufacturers can be confident moving forward in the digital commerce realm. Those considering a change will learn how data generated by a direct digital commerce channel can be used to increase sales, bring in new customers, and keep control of the brand; additionally, they will come to understand not only the reasons for making the switch, but the most effective ways to make long-term digital commerce plans.

There is a way to go direct without disrupting current distribution channels. With the right strategy and vendors, the right team and the right attitude, brand manufacturers can open DTC channels without abandoning existing channels. Collaboration between retailers and brand manufacturers leads to a digital commerce industry that drives business across all channels.