Deep dive on Project N95’s complex B2B and B2C marketplace structure

Project N95 joined forces with VTEX to create an online B2B and B2C marketplace in record time-to-market, helping the organization to deliver 3.5 million PPEs across the country in 3 months.

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30 days

Implementation time

+8.4 million

Units sold since April 2020


Healthcare and frontline workers impacted

With VTEX, Project N95 has quickly become a trusted online marketplace connecting suppliers of essential PPE products directly to the frontline

With limited supply, locating personal protective equipment (PPE) when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States was challenging for hospitals, clinics, and frontline healthcare providers. Buying quality PPE became even harder as new suppliers rushed to fill the void with products of unknown quality and value.

Project N95 previously relied on a reverse auction process to bring transparency to the PPE market. However the reverse auction format presented challenges in user experience and a less than optimal time between order placement and delivery.

As the crisis continued, Project N95 needed more efficient and effective ways to source and deliver PPE to the frontline. To quickly solve this immense challenge, Project N95 reached out to Loop Integration and VTEX.

“We stood up a full enterprise ecommerce platform in three and a half weeks. We couldn’t have done this without Loop Integration and VTEX who have been fabulous partners.”

Anne Miller, Executive Director, Project N95

This commerce story will uncover:

  1. How Project N95 was able to launch an online B2B marketplace in less than 30 days to quickly help buyers get the PPE products that they needed.
  2. How Project N95 improved the customer user experience 
  3. How Project N95 simplified B2B buying and selling complexity

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Solutions used

  • B2B
  • B2C
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