B2B Commerce

Simplify B2B buying and selling

Deliver commerce experiences tailored for your business. Redefine how you engage with buyers, suppliers and channel partners.

Simplify B2B commerce

Simplify B2B commerce

Make it easier for customers to buy from you. Tailor experiences to fit your business needs with capabilities designed for B2B.

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

Empower partners with intuitive online ordering, branded storefronts and marketplace experiences to meet customers wherever they are.

Streamline operations

Streamline operations

Reduce customer service costs by boosting online sales with a single, cloud-based platform that’s easy to maintain and is always up-to-date.

Leading brands trust VTEX as their Enterprise Digital Commerce Platform

Grow your online revenue right away

Go to market fast

Deliver tailor-made experiences faster to meet buyer expectations for self-service purchasing.

Tame the B2B selling complexities

Simplify buying with features such as bulk and re-orders, account management, customer-specific pricing, product bundles, AI-driven search and more.

Empower your sales team

Give your sellers the tools to engage with customers and guide them through the commerce journey by assisting with the ordering process.


Embrace all possibilities for growth

Reach more customers

Control the brand experience while empowering your partners – distributors, dealers, resellers and others – with the tools they need to drive more sales.

Eliminate channel conflict

Deliver seamless buyer journeys by creating a distribution platform, such as a dealer or distributor network by collaborating with channel partners.

Explore the marketplace model

Expand assortment and grow sales by tapping into a network of 3,200+ online stores and jumpstarting your online marketplace.


Commerce operations simplified

Enable self-service buying

Create self-service buying experiences that reduce your operational costs and let customers decide how, when and where they want to buy.

Flexibility for whatever comes next

It doesn’t matter how you sell today or how you’ll do business tomorrow. Trust our flexible, cloud-native commerce platform and break the cycle of risky and expensive upgrades.

Automate ordering

Automatically restock shelves and order replacement parts and service.


A complete platform for all your experiences

  • Self-service web and mobile

  • B2B marketplace

  • Customer service

  • Field sales

  • Channel management

Take your business to the next level.