Automotive industry - VTEX

Automotive industry

Auto companies are taking the wheel of their digital commerce future

VTEX is the Enterprise Digital Commerce Platform that is helping car manufacturers and dealers around the world deliver new car-buying experiences for their customers.

A fully-digital experience

A fully-digital experience

From picking the right car to payment and even delivery: The entire customer journey can happen online.

All information in one place

All information in one place

Help customers in their decision-making process by ensuring all information from OEM and dealers is in the same environment.

Inventory integration

Inventory integration

Offer more options for your customers by connecting the dealers' and OEM’s inventories to a single website.

Car manufacturers around the world are speeding up their commerce strategies with VTEX.

Build remarkable experiences faster with our flexible front-end

Turn your website into a showroom

Our low-code development framework will let you build the perfect storefront to showcase your vehicles with the fastest time-to-market.

Learn about Store Framework.

Deliver top-notch experiences

Using state-of-the-art resources like 3D visualization, videos, 360º views, and more, you’ll create interactive experiences that rival reality.

Connect OEMs and dealers with our native marketplace solution

Assemble your growth engine

By integrating dealers and factory inventories into your website, you expand product assortment and deliver more to your customers.

Pull the brakes on operational costs

When you collaborate with dealerships, you end up reducing inventory, logistics, and fulfillment costs while increasing your margins.

Find out more about Marketplaces.

The commerce infrastructure that enables your growth

Get flexibility for quick maneuvers

Our API-first, cloud-based commerce platform gives the flexibility you need to move in any direction your business requires.

Explore VTEX’s MACH architecture.

Travel light and get there faster

With a headless commerce architecture, you unload all that technology overhead that slows your entire operation down.

Ready to start? Buckle up and hit the road with VTEX

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