The Future-Proof Organization: Fashion Edition

Retail has long been at the forefront when it comes to digital transformation. Regardless of a brand’s maturity in terms of innovation and readiness, it has become increasingly evident that COVID-19  has fundamentally changed the way we perceive and operate today’s fashion ecommerce.

In this pre-recorded session, hear from digital retail experts Linda Li, Head of Ecommerce, H&M North America; Dan Goldman, VP of Strategy and BD, GAP; and Mariah Chase, CEO, Eloquii. 

These digital evangelists share what to expect from the fashion and retail industry in 2021, the digital trends and initiatives that will continue to change the game, and what crucial strategy you must embrace to ensure your future-proofing success. 

Viewers will gain insights on: 

  • What role social responsibility will play in future-proofing your organization
  • How the pandemic has altered  internalization and cross border commerce