VTEX Trust Hub

We are committed to your peace of mind.

VTEX is not only a commerce platform. We bring harmony between business and technology. We know that privacy and security are key to success in any type of business. That is why we developed a website for providing answers to all your questions. Learn more about how we act on our commitment to data privacy through security architecture, certifications, and legal measures.

Privacy & Agreements

Privacy & Agreements

All about our policies, agreements, and position regarding data privacy.



All about our certifications and procedures.



All about how we safeguard our clients and systems.

We care about your security


All you need to
know about GDPR

GDPR is a data protection and privacy law that applies to all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The tools provided by VTEX through our administrative GUI and our APIs allow our tenants to be compliant with GDPR. If you want to learn more about how to align with this regulation, click here to read our new article.

How do we
treat your data?

Security is a top priority for VTEX. When you choose us to safeguard your data, you should know that we are engineered for privacy.

We are committed to keeping and treating data of any kind, when the need arises, in a secure way and according to data protection laws, our policies, and agreements. You are the owner of your data, and we guarantee that you can exercise your rights as such. We also provide options for managing the data we have stored.

Click here to learn more about VTEX’s Data Privacy.

What you should know about conflict of interests

Conflicts of interest can affect companies all around the world. From business, finance, family, political or personal interests situations, conflict of interest can influence people’s judgment, making them unable to exercise their obligations inside the corporate environment.

Check out our blog post about conflicts of interest, what they are and how to spot them.

What you will find in VTEX Trust Hub

  • Certifications, e.g., SOC 1

  • Agreements and archives

  • Internal Policies

  • External Notices, e.g., End-User License Agreement

  • Commitments regarding data privacy