Zaelab and VTEX Selected by High-Growth, Smart Water Cooler Manufacturer Bevi to Launch a New B2B Customer Experience - VTEX

Zaelab and VTEX Selected by High-Growth, Smart Water Cooler Manufacturer Bevi to Launch a New B2B Customer Experience

September 23, 2021

WESTPORT, Conn., Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Zaelab, the leading B2B experience company, announced today that together with VTEX, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform has been selected by Bevi, a high-growth designer of smart water coolers.

Bevi has set out to create an exceptional B2B ordering experience to support a growing customer base. To achieve this, Bevi has partnered with Zaelab to quickly deploy VTEX.

“As a fast-growing startup, what stood out to our team about VTEX were the added capabilities beyond the core storefront, including its I.O. platform and ability to easily augment the architecture and API of the platform to accommodate any custom features or data requirements we may have in the future.

“As soon as we were connected with Zaelab, they spent careful time understanding our business model, answering questions surrounding tricky requirements, and presenting a holistic solution. Their expert track record with B2B experiences coupled with their proven composable ZCommerce solution that could be leveraged by Bevi to be up and running quickly presented an easy win-win for both parties. It is rare that prospects receive such thoughtful and hands-on scoping through these types of evaluations and we look forward to our partnership,” said Michael Strickland, Director of Enterprise Applications at Bevi.

After the initial launch of its new B2B portal, the plan will be to continue innovating and deploying new capabilities such as enabling automated reordering when machine levels are low through IoT. Bevi is also designing a variety of new products in an effort to continue their fight in helping people around the world ditch their plastic water bottles.

“We were immediately inspired by Bevi’s Mission to unbottle the future and create a more sustainable planet. The combination of VTEX and Zaelab will ensure that Bevi is equipped to deliver on their ESG mission and provide a world-class B2B Experience,” shared Evan Klein, Chief Executive Office at Zaelab

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of helping B2B companies like Bevi scale growth using our modern e-commerce platform,” explains Amit Shah, chief strategy officer and U.S. General Manager at VTEX. “This partnership isn’t ‘just about the technology itself – it’s about combining our teams to collaborate and solve critical B2B business problems.”

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About Zaelab

Zaelab is a digital commerce advisory and solutions provider. We enable B2B organizations to transform and thrive through exceptional customer experiences, modern cloud platforms, and agile methodologies.  Zaelab helps mid-market and enterprise B2B organizations navigate the digital economy. Our experience spans business models including B2B, D2C, and Marketplaces. We are preferred partners with the leading commerce, experience, and headless cloud platforms. Zaelab is also the innovator behind ZCommerce, the industry-leading Headless Digital (MACH) experience for B2B Organizations..

About VTEX

VTEX (NYSE: VTEX) provides a software-as-a-service digital commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers. Our platform enables our customers to execute their commerce strategy, including building online stores, integrating and managing orders across channels, and creating marketplaces to sell products from third-party vendors. Founded in Brazil, we have been a leader in accelerating the digital commerce transformation in Latin America and are expanding globally. Our platform is engineered to enterprise-level standards and features. We are trusted by more than 2,000 customers with over 2,500 active online stores across 32 countries, who rely on VTEX to connect with their consumers in a meaningful way*. 
*Figures as of FY ended on Dec. 31st, 2020

About Bevi

Bevi designs and markets smart water coolers. The company offers countertop and floor-standing water coolers that dispense filtered, still, sparkling, and naturally flavored water on demand. Bevi machines are available in the United States and Canada.


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September 23, 2021