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VTEX Selected to Power Ububba, A New Online Marketplace for Children’s Products

November 12, 2020
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Marketplace for trend-conscious parents set to launch in spring 2021

NEW YORK, November 12, 2020 – VTEX, a multinational tech company that provides a global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution, announced today it has been selected to power Ububba, a baby and children’s product ecommerce marketplace, to more easily provide trend-conscious parents with children’s products that fit their lifestyle.

By leveraging a marketplace model, Ububba will be able to curate products from a wide variety of sellers and give customers a broad selection of unique items for their children. Ububba can support this ecosystem through its marketplace model and the VTEX platform.

“Digital marketplaces are a powerful tool to give customers exactly what they’re looking for by connecting them with a variety of sellers that can meet their needs,” said Amit Shah, U.S. general manager and chief strategy officer at VTEX. “That’s why we’re happy to support Ububba in its mission to offer families the opportunity to discover new products that will help carry them through parenthood all through the power of a digital marketplace.”

Ububba is looking to break the monotony found in current children’s brands by providing parents with access to fresh, inspirational products that stand out yet feel attainable. VTEX’s marketplace platform enables Ububba to connect customers across the globe with a broad selection of products from their sellers.

The Ububba founders’ Korean heritage allows them to tap into a wide range of incredibly popular Korean baby fashion and accessories. It demonstrates the proliferation of the “K-wave”, or the global adoption of Korean culture, as the company focuses on high-quality, trendy products at a cost-effective price.

“We’re working to combine technology and marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices, and provide the best customer experience,” said Esther Chang, co-founder of Ububba. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with VTEX to bring this vision to life.”

Chang has extensive experience in the retail sector as the former SVP of Design and Head Creative at Forever 21. She is also the daughter of the fast-fashion retailer’s founders.

Ububba’s marketplace is set to launch in the spring of 2021.

To learn more about how VTEX is supporting companies like Ububba, visit www.vtex.com.

About VTEX

VTEX is a multinational tech company that provides a global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution with native marketplace and OMS capabilities. We help enterprises in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, grocery, consumer packaged goods and other verticals to sell more, operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly and deliver remarkable customer experience. Our modern APIs architecture and our powerful business and developer tools allow VTEX to future-proof our customers’ businesses and free them from software updates. Major brands including Whirlpool, Sony, Carrefour, Adidas, Stanley Black & Decker, AB InBev, Nestlé and Coca-Cola Andina, plus 2,500 active online stores across 32 countries, trust VTEX to accelerate and transform their commerce. Visit www.vtex.com to learn more.

About Ububba

Ububba is a smart, ever-evolving marketplace of affordable, trendy baby and children’s goods. Ububba’s unique approach offers families the opportunity to engage in the quick discovery of new products that help carry them through parenthood. Ububba breaks the sameness and expectation found in the current baby and children’s brand space and provides a platform for aspirational products at sharp attainable price points. Visit www.ububba.com to learn more.

November 12, 2020