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VTEX Chosen by Everscore to Power New Online Cannabis Marketplace

April 28, 2021
VTEX Chosen by Everscore

NEW YORK, April 28, 2021 – VTEX, a multinational tech company that provides a global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution, announced today it will power a new cannabis marketplace for Everscore, extending its data-driven audience platform that connects curious consumers to innovative cannabis brands and products.

With VTEX, Everscore is creating a cannabis marketplace that will attract new consumers into the cannabis industry. Consumers can shop with ease as Everscore’s Seed-to-ShopperTM program brings choice, confidence and convenience to the modern consumers who engage with cannabis brands. 

The Seed-to-ShopperTM program is one of the biggest differentiators of the Everscore marketplace. Built on blockchain technology, each product has a unique QR code that describes where the plant was grown, who harvested it, who transported it, tested it and put into the marketplace. This process makes it easier for consumers to understand the cannabis industry and create consumer confidence through transparency. 

“At Everscore, we are redefining the marketplace business model for cannabis to make it trustworthy and educational with high-quality products all in one place,” said Jeff Sampson, CEO and founder at Everscore. “To date, the dispensary experience has defined the cannabis industry. The Everscore experience will help all consumers by offering a more approachable, accessible, and convenient path to discover the cannabis products that fit their lifestyles and enhance the moments they love.”

By 2025, the U.S. market value of the cannabis industry is projected to reach $41 billion. However, the booming industry is highly fragmented and still relatively immature. The infrastructure hasn’t yet caught up with consumer expectations established in more mature industries. At the same time, operators face significant challenges because of a patchwork of regulations that prioritize tax compliance over consumer transparency and heavily restrict marketing practices. Everscore’s platform has been intentionally designed to solve customer acquisition and product quality challenges in a collaborative way by bringing the innovative technology and tactics learned from disruptors in CPG and retail to the cannabis industry.

“Marketplaces offer the infrastructure needed to support the growing demand for cannabis, allowing consumers to browse online, order, make payments and have it delivered right to their doorstep as quickly as possible,” said Amit Shah, U.S. general manager and chief strategy officer at VTEX. “Given their team’s experience in technology and CPG, we’re excited to power Everscore’s marketplace and be part of their mission to redefine the business model for the cannabis industry.”

Everscore’s marketplace will launch its direct-to-consumer experience this summer. 

To learn more about how VTEX is supporting companies like Everscore, visit www.vtex.com.

About VTEX

VTEX is a multinational tech company that provides a global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution with native marketplace and OMS capabilities. We help enterprises in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, grocery, consumer packaged goods and other verticals to sell more, operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly and deliver remarkable customer experience. Our modern APIs architecture and our powerful business and developer tools allow VTEX to future-proof our customers’ businesses and free them from software updates. Major brands including Whirlpool, Sony, Carrefour, Adidas, Stanley Black & Decker, AB InBev, Nestlé and Coca-Cola Andina, plus 2,500 active online stores across 32 countries, trust VTEX to accelerate and transform their commerce. Visit www.vtex.com to learn more.

About Everscore

Everscore was founded in 2019 to connect curious consumers to innovative cannabis brands. We operate the world’s most advanced marketplace for THC and CBD products enabling consumers to discover, experience, and enjoy the benefits of cannabis in an approachable way. Built on the first state-of-the-art data and blockchain platform in the cannabis industry, our technology is the foundation of our comprehensive Seed-to-ShopperTM mission. This platform gives our marketplace a unique advantage in providing the safe, familiar shopping experience and transparent product quality standards that people expect in every area of their lives. Our distribution network gives consumers the choice of free two-day shipping or fast home delivery service. Everscore is based in Boulder, CO. For more information, please visit http://everscoreconnect.com

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April 28, 2021