TETRIX, the world’s biggest uni challenge, closes its 2021 edition with record participation - VTEX

TETRIX, the world’s biggest uni challenge, closes its 2021 edition with record participation

The competition, which aims to encourage participants to improve their business, digital, and global commerce knowledge, had over 154,000 participants from 84 countries

The final phases took place in the VTEX office in Rio de Janeiro and brought together 24 college students, including 15 Brazilians
November 3, 2021

RIO DE JANEIRO, November 1, 2021 — With the aim of connecting college talent with the growing digital transformation, as well as being an opportunity for developing unorthodox skills and promoting cultural exchange among participants, TETRIX, the largest college challenge in the world, held its third edition this weekend in the VTEX office in Rio de Janeiro. With more than 154,000 participants from 84 countries, the contest aims to identify new talents aspiring to digital careers and connect them with companies seeking generalist profiles as they have the ability to solve problems and are ready to supply this growing demand of the global labor market.

The semifinal and final phases of the competition brought together 24 college students from nine countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Peru, Uganda, and Zimbabwe). Promoted by VTEX, a digital commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers, and sponsored by ACCT, AWS, Ecomsur, FGV, and Vinneren, the challenge fosters the digital ecosystem by building a valuable network of future-ready talent. These companies also have access to the participants who stood out the most, aiming at future hiring.

The podium of the third edition of TETRIX was filled by women: Chilean student Francisca Avaria in first place, Brazilian Nívea Virgolino in second place, and Indian Nikita Machigani in third place.

“I am very proud to be the winner of TETRIX, but also because I know that I am encouraging others to create more things like this, so that young people around the world can have the opportunity to meet, get together, gain experiences, and grow. Each of us has different talents, and when we connect with the right people, we can make the world a better place for everyone,” said Francisca Avaria, who won a trip to five continents as a prize, during which she will be introduced to the biggest digital trends in the market. “We are not better than the others. We’re just different. And when we talk to each other, we adapt and learn a lot. More than a trip around the world, I feel like I have 23 new friends from many different countries that I can count on and visit at any time.”

Consisting of 100 questions, TETRIX featured three online phases and two in-person. The answer to the final challenge was presented individually and evaluated by the 13 “Senseis,” or judges, who gathered executives from 7 countries.

“I hope that TETRIX has inspired all the finalists and the 154,000 individuals who applied in the first round to pursue digital careers and to find their future in digital careers. Digital is the new English. Anywhere in the world, if you are a native digital talent, you will have a brilliant career. Digital can change our regions; it can create equity. Pass this message on to your friends, families, schools, and countries. Digital is where we have the best opportunities in the world, and it’s the opportunity the world has had in decades to do the right thing,” concluded Mariano Gomide de Faria, founder and co-CEO of VTEX.

In addition to the competition, 24 young people participated in a series of activities, such as a lecture with Neuroscience professor Wesley Barbosa, a visit to Christ the Redeemer statue, a show by Batuque Digital, and even a helicopter ride for the six finalists. The organization followed all recommendations from competent authorities: COVID-19 tests within 72 hours before arrival in Rio de Janeiro and at the beginning of the event, available free of charge.

Francisca Avaria, Chilean college student, winner of TETRIX 2021 | Francisca with the five finalists of the competition: next to her in the front row, Nikita Machigani (India) and Ligia Anjos (Brazil); in the background from left to right, Artur Rodrigues and Nivea Virgolino (Brazil) and Hussain Bharmal (Uganda)

TETRIX 2021, the global challenge

In the first edition, in 2019, TETRIX had 13,000 registered participants in Brazil. In 2020, the challenge was extended to all Latin America, and 75,000 college students and recent graduates participated. This time, in its third edition, the challenge had more than 154,000 participants from 84 countries around the world.


One of the main commitments of the organizers is to ensure that the program promotes diversity and inclusion so that all registered participants feel comfortable to take part in it. “In this edition, in addition to a broad participation of students from all continents, more than 64% of registered participants were women,” commented Marina Baltz, TETRIX Marketing Director.

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