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Logitech Argentina sales revenue increases over 2000% amid growth in computer accessories demand

Logitech escalated its ecommerce operations through sales strategies, online shopping features and ecommerce platform management tools. Let's take a look at how it happened.



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Demand and revenue growth

According to a computer accessories market forecast research from Technavio, the global computer accessories market is projected to reach a revised size of US$19.1 billion by 2027. This demand can be associated with the new home-office and remote work practices and also with e-sports growth and popularity – from which Logitech Argentina also benefited: they not only saw their accessories sales sky-rocket, but their gaming brands also gained momentum. 

The Logitech Argentinian e-store operates in a B2C business model, working alongside Brandlive, a VTEX partner agency, to implement and execute online strategies. But how did this story start?

In September 2019, Logitech Argentina went live after a 3-month implementation time with no down time. Their first online store website had just got on its own two feet when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe in March 2020. But, throughout this time, they were able to achieve an impressive 250% revenue growth rate. From there it all escalated through sales strategies, online shopping features and ecommerce platform management tools. Let’s take a look at these results.

Surfing the wave: scalability and availability control

When comparing the first 4 months of 2020 against the same time period in 2021 the company had over 2000% increase in sales revenue. Sales growth often means more access to the website, which calls for well-rounded logistics and good storage management.

One of the main benefits for Logitech Argentina was VTEX’s cloud-native and dynamic scalability. Thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, VTEX was able to keep up with Logitech’s impressive growth, supporting it in a short period of time and also during peak events such as Hot Sale, a regional sales event similar to Black Friday. 

These high-volume sales events prove to be challenging, but with VTEX data on top-selling products, Logitech Argentina is able to define and control product availability. For those events, or even when launching a new, requested or restocked popular product, the brand uses VTEX’s pre-order feature as a tool of insight and inventory planning to keep up with logistics and stock control. 

This not only guarantees the sales for the brand, but it makes it clear for the customer that delivery times will take a little longer than usual, aligning expectations for the order fulfillment. 

In-store and online customer experience

One of Logitech Argentina’s sales strategies is providing customers with the best tools when deciding which products they are willing to purchase, even if they are not able to visit the physical store. In Argentina, Logitech has one main flagship store that the company aims to use as a tool in expanding unified commerce strategies and delivering the Logitech brand experience to customers.

The desired goal is to offer them nearly identical experiences both online and offline.

Digital transformation is fundamental. Developing a solid digital system where most of our customers have touchpoints with the brand in every digital channel is impactful for Logitech. As a tech-design company, we not only apply technology, design and innovation to our products, but also to our digital strategies and the entire consumer journey. This generates what we like to call a world-class experience to the end customer.

Juan Cruz Villagra, Digital Marketing Manager for Southern Cone countries at Logitech

In order to make the online shopping experience as real as possible, Logitech Argentina was the first Logitech country to implement an Augmented Reality tool in an official online store.

This was made possible through VTEX’s composable capabilities: by including HTML code into the website’s backend programming and an integration between Flix Media’s AR module and VTEX, Logitech was able to render approximately 40 SKUs – and is planning to add 300 more until the end of the year.

This feature allows customers to use their phones or desktop to see how the product looks in 3D and wherever they will be placed. The technology behind it is called point and place, where customers are able to use their phone cameras to see how a specific product would look in their own office space, gaming area, or any other desired location.

Its usage led to a 74% uplift in the add to cart rate, proving to be a successful influence in the buying process.

Bright future ahead

For Logitech Argentina, this is only the beginning.

Its goal is to keep evolving its platform with new and innovative features like shoppable video content on product pages and product reviews on the product page. Also, adding one key feature in the technology sector, the product-comparison one, will make it possible for their customers to choose the product that most suits their needs.

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