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Jeffers Pet: spearheading Live Shopping with VTEX

Looking to boost traffic and improve conversion, the US-based pet store added Live Shopping as a sales channel on it’s VTEX ecommerce store.

Sold out

nearly all inventory for products featured on live shopping

Daily sessions

with the VTEX Live Shopping solution


In the online retail market, competing with big players and multinational marketplaces is always challenging for smaller and local brands. Jeffers Pet was looking to improve its customer experience and offer more engaging shopping opportunities that could boost its traffic and conversion rates.

From household pet products such as dog food, cat toys, and rabbit crates to equine medication and animal farming equipment, Jeffers Pet has a wide range of customer needs to serve. The company’s focus was on maintaining momentum and creating a shopping environment that caters to those customer needs. Customer acquisition costs are higher, so being able to engage customers in innovative ways was imperative for the company.


After migrating to VTEX, Jeffers Pet made the most of VTEX’s out-of-the-box functionalities and composable architecture. One example was the Collections Module, which enabled the business teams to update products’ information straight through the Admin interface.

However, the main advantage of VTEX’s tools for Jeffers Pet was the easy implementation of the Live Shopping tool, which is natively integrated to the overall platform. The strategy started with a soft launch, conducting live shopping events when website traffic waslow. Then, the company tested live shopping events on Friday evenings and realized that video sessions were boosting traffic, as well as overall conversion.

Recording of live shopping event held by Jeffers Pet.

One of the perks of using Live Shopping is not being tied to any specific dates or times. If there weren’t a lot of customers online at a certain time, the Jeffers Pet team would open a new timeslot for later that same day. This experimentation was key to understanding the audience’s shopping behavior.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that being real is really appealing to customers. Even if they don’t purchase the product during the livestream, we’ll later hear how much they enjoyed seeing it.”

 – Ruth Jeffers, CEO at Jeffers Pet

VTEX leverages AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to automatically scale resources and to split responsibilities among its product development engineering teams. Amazon CloudFront acts as VTEX’s content delivery network (CDN). Other AWS services utilized by VTEX include Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon OpenSearch Service for distributed search, Amazon Elasticache Redis for cache, and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing. Due to VTEX being a true multi-tenant SaaS solution, all customers benefit from the same elasticity and stability of AWS.


“We are competing on customer service and satisfaction. We can’t always beat prices out of eBay or Amazon, but we can offer better service and more innovative ideas as we did with Live Shopping.”

 – Ruth Jeffers, CEO at Jeffers Pet

Following Live Shopping events, Jeffers Pet sold out nearly all inventory for products featured on the live stream.

*Every information and number seen in the above text were provided and approved by Jeffers Pet.

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