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Click and Collect increases upselling in Axo Chile’s brand Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret proved that tools such as Click and Collect can add value to both buyers and retailers.

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Delivery times are one of the most important deciding factors when buying online. And around 41% of customers are willing to pay for same day delivery. So: what if you found a way to provide a seamless same-day delivery experience while increasing the percentage of upselling in your business? That’s exactly what happened to Victoria’s Secret in Chile. 

The company —operated by Axo and a VTEX client since 2020—  implemented click and collect as the first step of their omnichannel solution, and the results have been great: an unexpectedly high adoption by customers has been accompanied by a big percentage of in-store purchases during pick-ups. Clients have also raved about the convenience and speed of this option. 

Axo Chile’s ecommerce operation talked to us about the experience during implementation, the success behind the solution and what’s next for one of the most innovative retail companies in the South American country.

The challenge of evolution

In the first half of 2020, Axo Chile had some changes in mind for the future of their ecommerce business, and it knew that it would have to replatform in order to achieve all of its goals. Axo Mexico suggested VTEX, mainly because of the robustness of its promotion engine. 

“The promotion module was capable of having the discounts that we need to run, which are aligned with the brand from the United States. This was key, and when we approached Ecomsur, our full-commerce provider, they also mentioned VTEX as a robust engine for our needs”.

Thania Contreras, Ecommerce Manager at Axo

Victoria’s Secret Chile migrated to VTEX in October 2020, after only four months of having started the project. Contreras pointed out that channel integration (of stores and ecommerce) was one of the most important trends for the group’s future.

“We ship products directly from stores, and that has a lot of client-facing benefits. It’s something very satisfying for us, and that we do better than other stores, because we create synergies”.

Thania Contreras, Ecommerce Manager at Axo

In the interest of this integration, Axo implemented, together with VTEX and Ecomsur, a click and collect solution for their brick-and-mortar stores in Chile. The option was launched in February 2022, and was quickly adopted by a high volume of customers.

Solutions used

  • B2C
  • Omnichannel
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