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Superdry cracks the code for a great buying experience

The global apparel brand redesigned its entire ecommerce operation with the customer in mind, and the upending paid off with better engagement and sales.

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Growth on conversion rates


Growth on AOV

Superdry is a British fashion company that was founded in 2003. Today, it has more than 16 stores in the Colombian territory. In late 2020 it decided to migrate its ecommerce operations for the South American country to VTEX, in order to speed its adoption and make it more of a backbone for the future of its growth strategy. 

Like much of the Latin American market, Colombians were willing to buy the fashion label’s products online. And the bet has paid off for Estudio de Moda, the company in charge of Superdry’s operations in Colombia. 

The push for a more seamless experience, and the right amount of promotions for the new sales channels is already bringing results and providing a blueprint for other fashion operations around the world.

Revealing your very best

Superdry migrated to VTEX at the end of 2020, and the growth of its ecommerce business has been evident. Valentina Etcheverry, Ecommerce Manager at Superdry Colombia, says that one of the main drivers for that growth has been the improvement of the user’s experience. 

“The growth has been obvious thanks to an improvement in customer experience. The visual and creative guidelines that originate from the brand are great, which also helps us to engage the customer’s attention to the areas where it’s needed. We have happy customers.”

Valentina Etcheverry, Ecommerce Manager at Superdry Colombia

Two years after they first migrated to VTEX as their ecommerce platform, conversion rates have more than doubled, reaching 1.5%, while the average order value has gone from 200,000 to 250,000 Colombian pesos. Part of this success has been pushed by social-selling, which has been adopted as a strategy to attract customers who can shop entire carts picked by influencers and shared by the brand itself, or buy just some of the curated products. 

The company is sure that its cross-functional teamwork and their digital marketing have brought results so far, and they know that further experimentation will bring even better ones.

“We are always looking for potential customers and reaching new audiences with new platforms and campaigns, so it’s a sales strategy of constant disruption in order to get to them. That’s always our main objective.”

Valentina Etcheverry, Ecommerce Manager at Superdry Colombia

Superdry’s brick-and-mortar stores have also benefited from omnichannel capabilities brought by the company’s partnership with VTEX. 


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