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C&A: rethinking retail through a digital marketplace

How the fashion giant conquered the digital arena, maximizing productivity, generating growth and perfecting its ecommerce with a marketplace architecture.

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Growth between July and September 2020


Increase in digital revenue over 6 years


Growth in marketplace sellers in Q4 of 2020

Boarding the digital train and building a successful marketplace with the latest tools.

Fast-fashion is a retail area that has never known stagnation, constantly growing. In 2014, C&A engaged in ecommerce, based on the need to give their fashion business a digital dimension, and chose VTEX as platform provider. 

C&A has been investing in the growth of its digital presence ever since, with noticeable results in all areas of the business. Propelled by the change of the consumer profile, the fast-fashion giant decided to follow the digitalization trend, proving that the physical-to-digital changeover was the right way to go.

In 2020, the pandemic brought new and unforeseen challenges to the market, closing most of the brick-and-mortar stores throughout Brazil. The omnichannel capability allows those brick-and-mortar stores to benefit from Pickup Point and Ship-From-Store features, while checkout uses a geolocation feature that checks product availability in the distribution center nearest to the customer placing the order. 

The team in charge of the digital transformation had to envision a different approach for their new digital identity, and the results are in to prove how efficient they were. 

“We advanced a lot and managed to get where we wanted. C&A became more valuable and more experienced each week. We seek to improve and to deliver improvement to the customer.”

Fernando Guglielmetti, Director of Ecommerce at C&A Brazil

This commerce story will uncover:

  • How C&A restructured its inventory system;
  • The challenges brought on by the pandemic and how these were overcome;
  • The strengths and highlights of having every store connected through omnichannel;
  • C&A’s company culture and what a successful mindset looks like.

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Solutions used

  • Marketplace
  • Omnichannel
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