The omnichannel formula: how Grupo SOMA is connecting people and brands - VTEX

The omnichannel formula: how Grupo SOMA is connecting people and brands

The biggest fashion group in Brazil faced the challenge of going digital with VTEX, migrating seven websites in less than one year. All of this thanks to VTEX headless capabilities.

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Propelling Grupo Soma’s skyrocketing digital transformation with agile technology and sustainable innovation.

In 2018, Grupo Soma opted to migrate to VTEX Commerce Platform, the first and only global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce platform with native marketplace and OMS capabilities. By embracing an omnichannel approach, Grupo Soma saved expenses, time and efforts in their journey towards a superior shopping experience. 

Moreover, thanks to VTEX’s flexibility, Grupo Soma could achieve their ambition of creating meaningful and productive connections – between their unique brands; between the myriad of possible sales channels; between internal business areas; between their store attendants and customers; between present and future times; and even between physical and virtual experiences. 

Fulfilling that bold omnichannel vision pays off tremendously in the ever-changing retail climate. 

“If we hadn’t had omnichannel, the pandemic would have been catastrophic for our company.”

Alisson Calgaroto, Grupo Soma Director of Technology and Innovation

This Commerce Story will uncover:

  • How VTEX delivered seven Grupo Soma ecommerce stores in less than a year;
  • How Grupo Soma connected their sales channels seamlessly;
  • How Grupo Soma’s culture props up all digital commerce initiatives; 
  • How Grupo Soma drives brand loyalty with headless commerce projects;
  • Why innovation is key in the fashion industry.

Solutions used

  • Omnichannel
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