Aiming for high performance in ecommerce, Under Armour has implemented the VTEX solution - VTEX

Aiming for high performance in ecommerce, Under Armour has implemented the VTEX solution

Under Armour took the first step towards standardizing its ecommerce operations in Latin America by migrating to VTEX. And the results have already started to show up.

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90 days

to complete the platform migration


increase in conversion rate

Those who practice sports are aware that a high-quality product makes a significant difference in an athlete’s performance. Wearing a specific pair of running shoes could translate into an advantage of a few seconds during a training session or the difference between standing at the top of the podium and finishing second in a race.

This is the value proposition of the global sporting goods brand Under Armour, created in Baltimore 24 years ago and now present in more than 100 countries worldwide: creating products that are masterpieces when it comes to sports performance, designed to make athletes better, which has also led the company to develop fitness and digital health apps that connect people and boost the performance of its users.

This vision also applies to business. The pursuit of improving its online sales performance led Under Armour to look for ecommerce technology capable of meeting its high demands, just as the brand does for its athletic customers. In addition to taking conversion rates to a new level, the new technology enabled the native integration of ecommerce with marketplaces, centralizing in a single platform the management of products, inventories, prices, promotions, as well as customers and their orders, promoting greater agility and lower operating costs.

Under Armour partners with Mizuno and Olympikus, other Vulcabras Group brands, which had already been operating digitally on VTEX. Brazil is the first stage of the regional standardization project of the ecommerce platform to be throughout Latin America.

Solution used

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