VTEX Click & Collect increases upselling
for Victoria’s Secret

abril 17, 2023

This first step towards the brand’s omnichannel approach is also providing a seamless same-day delivery experience for customers  

New York, June 27, 2022 –  VTEX (NYSE: VTEX), the enterprise digital commerce platform for global brands and retailers has successfully helped Victoria’s Secret to implement its click and collect solution in Chile. One of the most recognizable lingerie brands in the world and part of Axo’s multi-segment retail ecosystem, Victoria’s Secret is a VTEX client since 2020, and has been working intensively on its omnichannel journey. Partnering with VTEX, they have found a way to provide a seamless same-day delivery experience while increasing the percentage of upselling. The effort is paying off: an unexpectedly high adoption by customers has been accompanied by a big percentage of in-store purchases during pick-ups. Clients have also raved about the convenience and speed of this option. 

In the first half of 2020, Axo Chile had some changes in mind for the future of its ecommerce business, and it knew that it would have to replatform in order to achieve all of its goals. Axo Mexico suggested VTEX, mainly because of the robustness of its promotion engine. “The promotion module was capable of having the discounts that we need to run, which are aligned with the brand from the United States. This was key, and when we approached Ecomsur, our full-commerce provider, they also mentioned VTEX as a robust engine for our needs”, said Thania Contreras, Ecommerce manager at Axo.

Victoria’s Secret Chile migrated to VTEX in March 2021, after only four months of having started the project. Contreras pointed out that channel integration (of brick-and-mortar and ecommerce) was considered one of the most important aspects for the group’s future. “We ship products directly from stores, and that has a lot of client-facing benefits. It’s something very satisfying for us, and that we do better than other stores because we create synergies”, she adds. 

In the interest of this integration, Axo implemented, together with VTEX and Ecomsur, a click and collect solution for their brick-and-mortar stores. The new service was launched in February 2022 and was quickly adopted by a high volume of customers. Axo’s click and collect project started focused on improving the customer experience, and quickly became one of the most popular delivery methods, which drove foot traffic to the stores and raised sales for the company. According to Contreras, “click and collect has been growing from the very beginning, and we’ve been looking for better ways to measure upselling. Today, in-store pick up already represents around a quarter of all Victoria’s Secret online orders, and a significant percentage of those customers end up buying additional products, and spending more on top of the original online order.”

Axo is working to improve ship-from-store, as well as the return process for customers. Contreras highlighted the ease with which you can add new functionalities to the VTEX platform, and mentioned VTEX Live Shopping App as one of the main examples. This flexibility, along with the positive experiences during previous implementations, has turned into a driving force to push the company into the adoption of further innovations. 

“Omnichannel is one of the ways into the future and we are glad to be successfully supporting Axo through the brand Victoria’s Secret on this journey. VTEX is ready to keep pushing forward and helping brands lead the digital commerce experiences, putting their business on a fast path to growth with the agility they need for what’s next”

says Santiago Naranjo, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at VTEX.
abril 17, 2023